municipal network has two more schools of Integral Education

With the new units, It semed to be replaced by six schools of Integral Education.
21/02/2017 14h54 - Updated 21/02/2017 14h54
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The municipal network now has two new schools of Integral Education, It is the first mode in rural Manaus. Earlier on Tuesday, 21, managers and professionals of the Municipal Schools Padre Calleri, located at kilometer 13 to BR 174, and Sergio Alfredo Person, in the neighborhood Presidente Vargas, area south of the city, They attended a meeting with the secretariat working group that deals with it. With the new units, It semed to be replaced by six schools of Integral Education.

Besides the two units, participated in the meeting the managers of municipal schools Waldir Garcia and Maria das Graças Vasconcelos and Child Education Municipal Centres (Cmeis) Graciliano Ramos e Hermann Gmeiner, already working with Integral Education from 2016, as well as technicians from various departments of the City Department of Education (semed) and representative of the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA) and Civil Society Organization / Public School Amazonas Family (CEFA).

The director of the Department of Educational Management (Dege) the Semed, Marcionília Bessa, He explained that the group's work is to listen, go along, analyze and advise schools that are beginning to Integral Education Project.

"It was a time of listening, where we heard schools entered this year. We had the opportunity to hear questions of management and their anxieties, so that we can forward the appropriate guidance. O group meets to discuss, give forwarding, clarification and make provision that schools work in the best possible way ", he explained.

The main feature of this mode is the student as the protagonist of knowledge and a democratic school where everyone has a voice. The whole school has five learning pillars: cultural, cognitive, environmental, physical and emotional.

Located in the rural zone of Manaus, Municipal School Padre Calleri, count with 110 students from 1st to 5th grade of elementary school and are now part of Integral Education. According to the director Cintya Maria Lima de Moraes, the new teaching model will make life easier for students, that may develop other activities in one place.

"For us it is a great satisfaction to be the first school in the rural area to join the Integral Education Project, even because our school every year is growing at rates of Basic Education (Ideb), which was 5,2, in 2015 and we want to achieve 6,2 this year. With the Integral Education, the trend is increasingly grow the quality of education in the city of Manaus ", examined.

With a total of 297 students, be approximately 200 students benefit from the Integral Education, director Regeane Keys, Municipal School Sérgio Alfredo Person Figueiredo, neighborhood Presidente Vargas, He is content with the inclusion of your unit in the project.

"We have a lot more time with the student, what makes all the difference, because the teacher can devote more. Students may well feed, rest, have a routine, but be on the streets and study more, also do other activities. All this is positive and will give good results ", believes.

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