Restructuring of Air Force strengthens border security, says Henrique Oliveira

Henry participated deactivating the Air Base of Manaus and the 7th Regional Air Command (7º Comar) and the activation of Ala 8, which will replace the old structure.
02/02/2017 16h26 - Updated 2/02/2017 16h26
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The deputy governor Henrique Oliveira participated, on the morning of Thursday, 2, the event that marked the deactivation of Manaus Air Force Base and the 7th Regional Air Command (7º Comar) and the activation of Ala 8, which will replace the old structure. As part of the restructuring process of the Brazilian Air Force, called FAB 100, whereby they are deployed 15 wards throughout the national territory.

The idea is to separate the operational part of the administrative part, with a view to modernity, Resource Optimization, in addition to making more efficient and effective action Aeronautics. For the new control unit in the Amazon, He was appointed the Air Major-Brigadier, Waldeísio Ferreira Campos, who also commanded the 7th Comar. According to him, the change is aimed at optimization of human resources, material resources and budgetary means, to maximize operating income.

"With activation area number 8, we focus more on operational activity, training, preparing and employing the means of all kinds that we have, about everything, a more focused on operational, since the old structure of the Comar had very heavy burden of administration, which of course was passed to another body, created within this restructuring of the Air Force. Thereby, both personnel operating aircraft and support personnel will be much more focused and focused on core business, which is to seek and maintain the sovereignty of the Brazilian airspace for the defense of the country, mission that we practiced and, now, we will have more and better conditions to continue maintaining that sovereignty ", said the commander sworn in.

For the deputy governor, Henrique Oliveira, the change will only bring benefits, both in the partnership that the Air Force has with the state government in providing services to the population, as well as the security project being traced to the Brazilian border.

"Although the term deactivation, quite the opposite, that there is a breakthrough. The state government needs a lot of it because the Air Force has always been as true guardian angels. The Air Force behaves that way, by citizenship, leading into the health state, for this continent called Amazon. It also takes education through evidence of Enem and even saves lives. E, at this critical moment that Brazil is in relation to insecurity, or drug trafficking, Governor Jose Melo has received the full support of the Armed Forces, including Aeronautics, so that we can block the borders against drug trafficking ", said Henrique Oliveira.

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