Bringing together more than 1,8 thousand servers, Seduc promotes Merendeiros 1st Meeting of public schools

The event seeks to value the work carried out by professionals.
01/02/2017 11h58 - Updated 1/02/2017 11h58
Photo: Jhonny Lima / Seduc

Seeking value the work done by merendeiros working in schools of public schools in the capital and the state, the State Secretariat for Education and Teaching Quality (SEDUC) it started, this Wednesday (1º), Merendeiros the first Meeting of the state school system. The event will bring together over 1,8 thousand professionals who care for preparation and distribution of school meals.

Or event, which will follow until the day 3 of February, It is being promoted by the Vocational Training Centre Padre José de Anchieta (Cepan), the SEDUC, through its Training and Management will be directed to 970 merendeiros operating in the capital and 900 who serve in the municipalities in the state.

The Secretariat initiative, according to one of the event coordinators, Adriana Moreno Steps, visa, Above all, value the important work performed by these professionals. "This meeting aims to value the work of merendeiros, making them also feel participants in the educational process, since they deal directly with children and adolescents daily. In addition to proposing several reflections to these servers, the meeting will address, among other topics, good hygiene practices in the kitchen ", Adriana explained.

In capital, the merendeiros participate in the event divided by the District Coordination of Education in which they operate. This Wednesday, participating servers of Coordination of 1 a 4; On thursday, it will be the merendeiros working in Coordination 5,6 e 7; and on Friday, closing activities, the meeting will be broadcast via Educational Media Centre for merendeiros operating in the state.

The opening event, this Wednesday, It was marked by the lecture "I as an educator", given by psychologist Dilza Santos, engaged in business "Profile Psychology & Welfare".

Second psychologist, events like this are very important to strengthen interpersonal relationships in the daily lives of these servers. "The aim of the lecture was to strengthen interpersonal relationships with professionals in the school lunch, who work directly with students, highlighting the importance of empathy, teamwork, making the working environment is more amenable, more welcoming. I believe that meetings like this are very important and have great professional value to these servers ", Santos said Dilza.

The meeting will also include a talk on "Good hygiene practices in the kitchen", whose purpose is to remind the hygienic-sanitary requirements of the kitchen facilities, as well as equipment and utensils, avoiding contamination of food, making proper waste management and safeguarding the quality of food prepared. The lecture will be given by the nutritionist's National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA), Dionísia Nagahama.


For the lunch box Neidir Andes Nogueira, exercising the profession for 10 years and currently operates in Divine Providence Public School, the event helps not only to value the server, but also proposes the exchange of knowledge.

"As lunch box, I care always to speak to the students the importance of having food, mainly because we have a quality food, quite diversified. This meeting is very important to value our work, so we can expose our knowledge and improve more and more, as for me, this work is done with love, as if I was cooking in my own home ", He told the server.

Also attending the event, o merendeiro Sener Augustave, which is currently in the State School Colonel Cândido Mariano (CMPM V), the event is a source of learning. "I consider the very important meeting, because we hear the experiences of other professionals and this contributes to improve our work ", He stressed.

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