SEAP publishes new notice of public accreditation to regulate the use of the work of convicts hand

Registration for companies interested in participating in the event, will be free.
14/02/2017 15h05 - Updated 14/02/2017 15h05
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The Amazonas State Government, through the State Department of Penitentiary Administration (SEAP), published in the Official Gazette of the Amazon (PRAYER), no dia 7 February 2017, the new Public Registration Notice, regulating the use of inmates for labor in the custody of the State of Amazonas Prison System. Registration for companies interested in participating in the event, will be free to all concerned that fit editalícias rules.

According to the Secretary of State for Prison Administration, Lieutenant Colonel of the Military Police, Cleitman Coelho, technical cooperation between the Government of Amazonas and companies interested in setting up lines of production and decent work opportunities in prisons is a major breakthrough for the prison system. "These private companies to implement initiatives spaces where the inmates can have the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and work are very important notions, as it takes down time and enables them "

The initiative to receive lines of factory production in prisons is a reality of the prison system in Brazil, as in the State of Ceará, with a production line of a company that is a supplier of sporting goods. The House Deprivation Provisional Freedom Teacher Clodoaldo Pinto (CPPL II), in Itaitinga, already operates from 2015 with built-producing sports jackets and shorts to a much lower cost than usual.

May enroll in the notice legally established entities as legal persons of private law, with or without profit, and operating in Manaus for at least two years. Other considerations is that it proves the legal qualification, technical expertise and labor tax regularity and. The registration Notice may be obtained at site of the SEAP.

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