Without changes, Senate approves High School MP and text will sanction

The text was approved by 43 the votes and 13 contrary.
09/02/2017 09h32 - Updated 9/02/2017 09h32
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The full Senate approved yesterday (8) Provisional Measure that deals with the School Reform. The text was approved by 43 the votes and 13 contrary and now will proceed to sanction the president, Michel Temer. The MP did not change in relation to the final text of the House of Representatives.

Among the main changes include the expansion of 50% for 60% the curriculum of the composition of the teaching stage filled by the Common National Base. The 40% remaining will be allocated to so-called training routes, where students can choose from five areas of study: languages, mathematics, natural sciences, humanities and technical and vocational training. The bill provides that students can choose the area in which will deepen already at the beginning of high school.

When he passed by the House, the measure was amended reinstating the requirement of physical education courses, art, sociology and philosophy at the Common National Base Curriculum, who were outside the original text. The opposition in the Senate tried to block the vote and submitted several amendment suggestions to try to modify the text, but they were rejected by the majority of the plenary.

It was also maintained permission for professionals with notable knowledge, that is, no specific academic training to teach, can teach in technical and vocational education. this will allow, for example, an engineer to math classes or physics and not necessarily a teacher with a degree in these areas.


The proposal also sets a goal of expanding the workload for at least a thousand hours per year within five years for all high schools, with financial support from the federal government.

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