Semed alert to the deadline of the registration confirmation for more than seven thousand students

Parents or guardians, who are students of vacancies reserves, They have until 10 to deliver the documentation of the students in the units that have managed vacancies.
09/02/2017 11h02 - Updated 9/02/2017 11h06
Photo: Lton Santos/Semed

More than seven thousand children, young people and adults have not yet had the registration process completed in the municipal school system. The classes began on the last day 3 and parents or guardians, who are the waves of reserves of these students, They have until next Friday, 10, to deliver the documentation of the students in the units that have managed vacancies.

According to the manager of License plates of the Municipal Education (semed), Darlene Liberato, there is 7.432 open assignments since January, stage in which the charge has already asked the vacancy, but he did not give the student documentation at school. Liberato explained that the time to go to the teaching unit confirm registration was up to three days after parents have made the reservation, in person or by self-service (website and enrollment application 2017), and that Semed opted to extend the delivery period. "It will not be possible to extend the deadline. Who does not deliver the documentation by Friday will lose the reservation and the vacancy will return to the system ", warned.

currently, the Semed has 236,1 thousand students officially enrolled in 490 school units Manaus teaching of municipal public. If all designations (vague reserves) are confirmed, this number will reach 243 thousand students in the academic year 2017. Also according to enrollment manager, documentation is important because it is through it that the secretariats of the schools officially create the student's school career. "Without this (documentation) it is as if the student does not exist ", Darlene completed.

The required documents are: proof of original education (transfer guide or transcript or transfer declaration is valid for 30 days); birth certificate of the student (original and copy), CPF and RG (original and copy) the responsible for the minor and mandatory for students over 18 years; proof of address (copy) the last month before enrollment; vaccination card (copy) and two recent photos 3x4.

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