Senate appreciates this week Moraes Alexandre indication for vacancy in the Supreme

The opinion of Amazonas Senator Eduardo Brada about Alexander's statement is to be enjoyed by the House.
13/02/2017 12h50 - Updated 13/02/2017 12h51
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The presentation of the opinion of Senator Eduardo Braga (PMDB-AM) Moraes on Alexander's appointment to fill the vacancy Minister of the Supreme Court (STF) It is the highlight of this week in the Senate. Braga, who is the rapporteur of the case, It has delivered report on the Constitution Committee, Justice and Citizenship (CCJ) and submit its opinion to the senators tomorrow (14).

On Wednesday (15), after reading the report, Senators may submit request for public view. Later, Moraes Alexandre will sabatinado by the committee and, then, pass through the Senate plenary assessment. The expectation is that the case be closed until 22.

In addition to Eduardo Braga report analysis, the agenda for the first week of work the Senate has 27 items for consideration. The project dealing with crimes of abuse of authority not appear on the agenda of this week's CCJ, it is still awaiting the appointment of a rapporteur, and only then proceed to the analysis of senators. As the subject of much controversy last year, the expectation is that the project on abuse of authority to spend more time in discussion, before being assessed by the CCJ.


On Wednesday (15), Senators should vote, within the Joint Committee, the report on the Provisional Measure (MP) 747, extending the deadline for renewal of concessions and permissions of Broadcasters. The proposal stipulates that entities interested in the change of the deadlines must submit an application to the Ministry of Science and Technology during the 12 months before the end of the term of the current grant.

by design, the stations that are already with the unsuccessful concession to regularize the situation within 90 days, from the date of publication of MP 747. The measure is being processed in emergency regime, e, if approved, goes to the plenary.

This week, Senators should also discuss the project that deals with the General Telecommunications Law (PL 79/2016). The proposal was returned last week by the Civil House to the Senate, in response to an injunction issued by the Supreme Court. in plenary, Senate President, Eunício Oliveira, said that only forward the project to vote after discussing it with the Steering Committee and the Prosecutor's home.

PEC Vaquejada

It is also expected to vote on the Senate's Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC) 50/2016, which considers vaquejada (competition in which cowboys pull a bull by the tail and the tips in a confined space), as a cultural manifestation that does not hurt the animal rights. A proposal, known as PEC Vaquejada, It adds to the Constitution an article that allows the realization of cultural events, provided they do not harm the animal welfare.

The new text comes these competitions as members of the Brazilian cultural heritage, intangible nature, and considers it cruel to animals, be regulated. The matter passed by the Senate CCJ, which examines the constitutionality of projects in progress, and it must now be voted in two readings by the plenary. If approved, PEC will go to the House of Representatives.

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