TEC opens academic year of Accounts School with various authorities next Monday (13)

Given a request managers, ECP will make a "intensivão", five days, with courses of interest in public administration.
08/02/2017 14h18 - Updated 8/02/2017 14h18
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With the presence of various authorities, including dozens of mayors and councilors interior, the Amazonas State Court (TCE-AM) starts, officially, next Monday (13), at 8:30 am, the school year the Public Accounts School (ECP) from 2017, with the traditional inaugural lecture in the auditorium of the organ. Submissions can still be made from the site.

This year, response to a request managers, ECP will make a "intensivão", five days, with courses of interest in public administration, as "Bid" "Staff Admission", "Retirement" and "Pensions", "Covenants", "Transparency", "Act" Fiscal Responsibility "and" Public Works ", among others.

A Aula Inaugural, which marks the beginning of the activities of the Audit School Year 2017, It will be given by two officers of the Amazon Military Command: Colonel Manuel Fernandes Amaral Filho and Lt. Col. Lauro Augusto Pastor Almeida, who will talk, respectively, on "Logistics in the Amazon" and "Cabocla Logistics interior of Amazonas".

The presiding director of TEC-AM, Ari Moutinho Junior, and ECP general coordinator, adviser Joshua Son, will the official opening of the school year next to the other directors, auditors, prosecutors and servants of Accounts cutting.

Parallel to the courses that will be held in the auditorium, with an average 300 participants, the Directorate of Information Technology (incense) will minister to the servers of municipalities and city councils course the E-bills, TEC system used to send to the court of Auditors reports, monthly balance sheets and annual statement of accounts.

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