Third edition of the charity game "Friends of Jose Aldo" is confirmed to take place in Manaus

The Arena Amazônia will receive, no dia 4 March, to 18h, the fans two big names in MMA Jose Aldo and Ronys Torres.
20/02/2017 15h09 - Updated 21/02/2017 11h04
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The third edition of the charity game "Friends of Jose Aldo" is already confirmed. The Arena Amazônia will receive, no dia 4 March, to 18h, the fans two big names in MMA. no field, the team of Jose Aldo faces the Ronys Torres fighter, Manacapuru, owner of several titles.

The announcement was made during a press conference, held on the morning of Monday (20), the State Government headquarters (compensates, Manaus area of ​​Midwest), the governor of Amazonas, professor José Melo, accompanied by the deputy governor Henrique Oliveira, the first lady of the state and sponsor of the event, Fabiana Gomes de Oliveira, the State Secretary of Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel), Fabricio Lima, fighters Jose Aldo and Ronys Torres, representatives of the Amazon football clubs and various authorities.

"This is a charity event. Once again, thank Jose Aldo has been a spectacular human being, which is a source of pride for our Amazonian population. For this match, we will have two champions recognized worldwide, who will lend their images to this great solidarity event, which aims to raise food for those in need and encourage the replacement of the blood bank Hemoam ", He emphasized the Governor Melo, pointing out that the food collected in the social game will be distributed to the flood victims in the state rivers.

The ticket for the friendly will be exchanged for food 1kg of non-perishable, in Convivências Center of Government of Amazonas Families and the State Center for Coexistence of the Elderly, in the neighborhood of Aparecida, from Thursday, day 23 of February. For those who do 'Donation Ball Show', no Hemoam, You may display the donor certificate in the administration of the Amazon Arena (located in Loris Cordovil) - In the period day 23 a 03 March, from 9h to 17h, to receive the ticket and another coupon to participate in a drawing for an autographed shirt by Aldo, Ronys and friends.

"In 2016, action 'Donation Ball Show' increased 100% the stock of blood Hemoam, and we raised 40 tons of food. I have no doubts, which together with the Government of Amazonas, the event will be a great party. Our athletes will give a great show, not only football, but also of solidarity ", said the secretary of Sejel, Fabricio Lima.

This is not the first participation of Ronys in charity game "Friends of Jose Aldo". In the two previous editions he defended Aldo team. "I was very happy when I received the invitation. Since the first edition, I've imagined having a team in this game, but I did not expect it would be in the third edition. This time we will be on opposite sides, but together in a common cause, we will make a real home run and who wins, actually, Amazon is the people ", Rony says.

Jose Aldo fighter reveals that Ronys always been a great partner and has contributed in its path. "To be champion Aldo, I needed help from several people, and Ronys always supported me. He helped me to become a champion. This time, we are together in this charity game. I want to take this opportunity to invite all people to participate in our event, with the help of all, It will be a success ", He stressed.

The friendly Friends of Jose Aldo vs Friends Ronys Torres, as in other years, will count with the participation of well-known names of the sport world and celebrities, Bebeto, Emerson Sheik, Marcelinho Carioca, Jorginho, Anderson Eagle, Fernando Pires, Leandro Avila and other.

The governor Jose Melo took the opportunity to announce substantial works for Amazon Olympic Village. "In addition to the new pool that we won the Olympics, we are also dealing with the bounding box, reforming housing and the cafeteria, building the Physical Therapy Center, the Handicap Academy, to Arco Area and Arrow, plus we have already opened the Digital Village ", stated.

Previous editions of bountiful game:
2015 - Aldo vs Delmo
Public – 22 thousand people
Collecting food- 30 tons
Scoreboard: Delmo 2 x1 Aldo

2016 - Aldo x Pizzonia
Public – 33 thousand people
Collection of food - 40 tons
Scoreboard: Aldo 4 x1 Pizzonia

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