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Since the announcement, much has been speculated about it and incorrect information has circulated, especially in social networks.
03/02/2017 15h17 - Updated 3/02/2017 15h17
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no day 22 December 2016, the government announced a series of measures in order to stimulate the economy. Amongst them, It is the authorization for the withdrawal of all inactive accounts of the Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS). Since the announcement, much has been speculated about it and incorrect information has circulated, especially in social networks.

Although the case has not yet set the details on how the procedures will be, it is possible to clarify some doubts. The definition of how the drawings are made shall be disclosed, according to the advice of the bank, until the end of the first half of February. Check out the answers to key questions of concerned workers to withdraw resources:

1) There will be a limit to serve inactive FGTS?
According to the government, the estimated volume of withdrawals will be $ 30 billion. They may be cashed out the values ​​of all dormant accounts dating to 31 December 2015 and there is no limit for withdrawals. Payments will be made in the timeframe stipulated by the Caixa Economica Federal. To organize the flow, it is likely that the schedule is made according to the date of birth of the beneficiaries.

2) Who has the right to serve?
Despite the looting schedule has not yet been released, it is possible to know if you are entitled to withdraw the benefit. If the person has worked to 31 December 2015 and can not withdraw the FGTS when leaving employment (this happens in cases where the employee has resigned or has been dismissed for cause), she has the right to serve. Accounts that were active in 31 December 2015 and active accounts will not have the looting of FGTS allowed this year.

3) What is an inactive account FGTS?
Each time the worker starts a job contract, a new account FGTS starts. Every month, worker and employer deposit a value on this account. When the employment contract ends, the account becomes inactive, since there is no more deposits. If the withdrawal is not done at the end of the contract, the inactive account is earning interest 3% per year + Reference rate. FGTS accounts for existing employment contracts are not considered inactive.

4) How to check the balance of inactive accounts?
Caixa has provided some channels for the people to consult the balance of the FGTS inactive accounts. Are they: FGTS application, Box site, SMS, phone and agencies. In all cases, you must have the number of your NIS / PIS, voter registration and identity documents. See step by step to query each channel.

App: the first thing you have to do is download the application. This can be done in the app store on your smartphone (Play Store, Apple Store, Microsoft Store). after that, you will need your NIS number to register a password. Having made the password, you need to confirm or atulizar your home address. This video shows how the procedure.

Site: after accessing the box site, you will enter the Benefits and Programs tab and, after, in FGTS. Then, Click Consult your FGTS. As in the application, you will have to register a password for the number of your NIS. Learn how the procedure.

SMS: if you have already registered a password to access the internet, You can ask the bank to send information about the FGTS for your mobile phone. You only need to fill out the form on this page or, still, go to an agency to make use of this service, which is free.

Phone: You can check the balance of FGTS by the number 0800 726 0207. The service takes place from Monday to Friday, from 8h to 21h, and Saturdays, from 10h to 16h, accepting calls from landlines and mobiles. You must have the number of your NIS / PIS, address and documents in hand to make the query.

Agencies and lottery: You can also check the balance in branches of Caixa Econômica Federal and lottery. In the case of lottery, We must have the Citizen Card. In the case of agencies, it takes the number of NIS / PIS, address and documents in hand.

5) What will be the looting calendar?

The looting schedule will be released, Case according to, until the end of the first half of February. A spokesperson for the bank said it will notify the registered beneficiaries in the SMS message through. It will also be possible to know the looting calendar through the telephone service, internet or in the bank's branches.

6) What is the procedure to withdraw the FGTS inactive?
The advice box says it is still planning how it will be the withdrawals procedure. More information will be released until the end of the first half of February. It is not known whether it will be necessary to go to the agencies to do the serve.

7) It is worth withdraw the FGTS inactive?
The release of looting of dormant accounts of FIGS was a government measure to help people "could redeem debts". however, even if the intention is not to spend money, worth making the sack.

"Today, FGTS pays less than any other investment, including savings. So if you are able to withdraw money from dormant accounts, do it. If you do not have debts to pay, look for another investment that your bank offers ", says the professor of the Department of Economics at the University of Brasilia (UnB) Roberto Ellery. for applications, he recommends, depending on the value, direct investment in treasure or fixed income funds.

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