Using Uber app in Manaus will be fully discussed in the CMM, ensures Wilker Barreto

The wide discussion of the use of the application in Manaus moved the plenary session.
13/02/2017 15h01 - Updated 14/02/2017 03h16
Photo: James Correa (CMM)

The use of individual passenger transport applications in Manaus will be widely discussed in the Municipality of Manaus (CMM). It led to the president of the Municipal Legislature, Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS), who referred to the debate the Commission Transport, Urban Mobility and Public Works, after application approval requesting a public hearing on the subject.

"The House will discuss the issue with maturity and without haste hearing all the parties involved. This will not be treated here touch box ", said the president, adding that if the Uber app comes operating in Manaus, We need to apply the same rules imposed on taxi service, not establishing unfair competition with the category.

"Sometimes, increase the supply of a service does not mean increasing the quality of it. That is why, we need to have maturity in the discussions and we can not afford to provide the service while not properly regulated in the city ", completed Wilker Barreto.

The wide discussion of the use of the application in Manaus moved the plenary session, with some lawmakers manifesting for and against the performance of the new service in Manaus.

Councilman Marcelo Serafim (PSB) supports the idea that the issue be discussed at a public hearing when all the actors. "I am in favor of the application system, but I understand that democratic dialogue to improve the quality of life of taxi drivers and prevent people from exploiting the activity without being in regular service is essential ", said Marcelo Serafim.

The Councilwoman Joan of Arc Protection of Animals (PR), who expressed also be favorable to the application, He said the service has spread in Brazil, which now reaches Manaus. "We can not fail to discuss this issue, but I advocate the regulation of service, as well as advocate the tax value of the discussion paid by taxi drivers ", said Councilwoman, who presented data from a survey in their social networks in which 80% of the population approved the use of Uber.

On the same line, Councilman Teacher fransua (PV) highlighted other research approve the release of the service. "We have to conduct studies with responsibility, without harming the professionals already working in the industry in Manaus ", said Councilman.

For Alderman Chico Black (PMN), the idea of ​​discussing the issue in the Transport Committee meets the technological advancement of new production arrangements. "We need to discuss this reality and understand that the advance of technology is irreversible, but defend the regulations to know who will provide the service and that this service will be offered to the public way ", He defended to also propose that consumers are also heard.

Taxi drivers
A group of taxi drivers who accompanied the CMM gallery deliberation of Bill No. 004/2017, Councilman authored by Bessa (PHS), expressed support for the proposal prohibits the use of private vehicles registered in fixed or mobile applications and websites for shipping paid individual and collective in Manaus.

In this ocasion, President of the Union of Autonomous taxi drivers and conductors Manaus (Sintax-AM), Luiz Augusto Aguiar said that professionals fear that the service is unfair competition, since the application is not yet regulated in the Municipal Act and the intention of the category is to demonstrate against the arrival of these applications.

"We do not agree with the use of these services. More than four thousand professionals who act as regulated taxi drivers, e, that is why, we are here to seek this support of the House ", said Aguiar.

Bessa defended, in its proposal, that vehicles registered with the applications and websites for passenger transport are monitored by the Executive, through the Municipal Superintendence of Urban Transportation (SMTU), aiming to curb illegal practice. "I am not against the applications, provided they are properly regulated, without messing up public transport in Manaus ", he stressed the parliamentarian.

Dante councilors (PSDB), Claudio Proenca (PR), Marcel Alexander (PMDB), Colonel Gilvandro Mota (PTC), Sassá Construction (PT), William Abreu (PMN), Joelson Silva (PSC) and Raulzinho (THE) also expressed support for the subject is widely debated in the Legislative Branch Municipal.

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