Ticket sales for the Parintins Festival begins this month

From day 15 February tickets will be on sale with prices ranging from R $ 1,050 to R $ 250.
04/02/2017 11h53 - Updated 4/02/2017 12h06
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Tickets for the 52nd Parintins Festival begin to be marketed to the public, not next day 15 of February, at 9 am, in Manaus and in the city of Parintins (a 369 km from Manaus), inclusive on line, and sale by show night or passports for two or three nights. Prices range from R $ 1,050 to R $ 250. The values ​​of the tickets were kept the same last year by order of presidential oxen and trading company. Considering the inflation 2016, from 9.75%, this is, in practice, a discount of 10% in relation to past prices.

The information is the director of Best Amazon, Valdo Garcia, which discloses the table ticket sales, including local, values ​​and new format.

Amazon Best Publisher and Events, Manaus company, He signed the Capricious and Guaranteed bumbás to provide services for the sale of tickets of the Parintins Festival. The contract is valid for the years 2017 at 2021.

Hiring the Best Amazon by bumbás Capricious and Guaranteed marks a new phase in the history of Parintins Festival.

From this year, for example, members of the two bumbás have 7 days prior to the purchase of tickets, from day 6 of February.

Another novelty is the sale of tickets for the show at night and passports for two and three nights. The 52nd Parintins Festival takes place on 30 of June, 1º e 2 July.

A quota of tickets will also be aimed at tour operators from all over Brazil, for the sale of tourist packages, expanding the scope of the Festival and increasing the supply of options for tourists. Will be kept online sale ticket sale site.

Ticket Exchange:
bleachers Special
3 nights: R$ 800,00
2 nights: R$ 580,00
1 Night: R$ 320,00

bleachers Central
3 nights: R$ 1.050,00
2 nights: R$ 770,00
1 Night: R$ 420,00

chair Type 1:
3 nights: R$ 820,00
2 nights: R$ 600,00
1 Night: R$ 330,00

chair Type 2:
3 nights: R$ 600,00
2 nights: R$ 450,00
1 Night: R$ 250,00

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