Zona Franca: 50 years

23/02/2017 14h38 - Updated 23/02/2017 14h43
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In 2017, celebrate the 50 years of creation of the Manaus Free Trade Zone. Over five decades, We saw the Amazon be benefited from the economic model that ensured the progress of our state.

More than a generator of employment and income, Free Zone is one of the guarantees of the preservation of the Amazonian environment, where the industrial population coexists peacefully with the forest.

The extension of its benefits, for over fifty years, It was important for us to give the employee, the security of jobs of stay in the Capital and Interior.

However, We found over the years, the need to introduce a new economic model, to assist the already consolidated model. we still need, of the companies betting their chips in the Free Zone, expanding possibilities of its activities, as well as conditions for them to transport their products and raw materials more efficiently and effectively.

Hence the importance of persist that the works of restructuring gives BR-319, are authorized, the cost of never manage to overcome the obstacles imposed, by geographical isolation, to which we are rooted.

The current logistics, What happens through hydrographic and air, is costly and time demanding investments, that could be undertaken in new technologies. Understand that the process of modernization of our industries, It is being harmed, by an exclusively political deadlock, it is crucial in the current economic moment the country.

We commemorate aware, that the model itself, is no guarantee of economic survival of future generations. Defend the viability of the Free Zone, it is our duty as part of a society, that is committed to the future.

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