The disaster of the sewerage in Manaus

24/03/2017 15h26 - Updated 24/03/2017 15h48
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Be among the three northern capital, with the worst basic sanitation rates refers to the cities Manaus level of war. As more recent data from the report produced by It Brazil and GO Associados, only 9,9% of our population has access to sewage collection and treatment, what it is demeaning and disrespectful.

It is true that the effects of the lack of attention of public officials to the sector, considered essential to human survival, They are disastrous leaving our population, especially the poorest, the mercy of diseases that are not addressed can lead to death.

Years pass and the population has impaired the social and economic ills, paid by neglect, arising from corrupt interests of those who have the obligation to invest public money, what really matters.

See that we have this negative and degrading status is virtually a decade, makes it clear that we did not have any advance that can be considered significant.

We know that neglect the sector, costly not only to the public coffers, They need to apply more money on health, but goes beyond, causing serious environmental disorders, such as pollution of our vegetation and water sources.

In the month that we celebrate the World Water Day, we need to be aware of our duties and rights. At the same time we have to charge an effective response from the State and County, We need to be aware that we are multipliers, and we must do our part, avoiding improper disposal of garbage and water waste.

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