Military Police holds in flagrante man accused of rape vulnerable

Leonardo was arrested around 17h yesterday (8), accused of raping a student 13 years old.
09/03/2017 12h16 - Updated 9/03/2017 12h16
Photo: Press Release / PM

Leonardo Ferreira Barbosa 34 years (Leo common people), He was arrested in flagrante, around 17h Wednesday (8), accused of raping a student 13 years old, the accused was arrested near Rui Araújo school, located in the neighborhood Cachoeirinha, South of Manaus.

Second Lieutenant PM Soeiro information, after termination of the very young, a team of police officers from 1st Company Interactive Community (1ª IDPF), It went in search of Leonardo and found near a school. He tried to run away when he came across the police team, but was restrained and arrested.

Even as Lieutenant Soeiro information, the offender sexually abused victim, a young 13 years and he was threatening her with death if she denounced the crime to police. It was referred to the Legal Medical Institute - ILM for carnal knowledge tests, This fact was confirmed by the expert report.

Leonardo Ferreira has an extensive criminal record, according to data from the Integrated System of Public Security - SISP, it responds to various crimes as: Theft, Threat, Drunk driving, Bodily injury, among others. Leonardo was conducted the 1st District Integrated Police - DIP which was flagranteado by vulnerable rape and threat.

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