WhatsApp status back, but with another name; know how to use

The feature reappeared in version 2.17.95 Messenger beta for Android phones, available for download on Thursday (9).
11/03/2017 16h52 - Updated 11/03/2017 16h55
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WhatsApp back to the old status. The feature reappeared in version 2.17.95 Messenger beta for Android phones, available for download on Thursday (9). nevertheless, status with videos and photos disappear in 24 hours - not style do Snapchat, Instagram Stories e Facebook Messenger Day – continua funcionando normalmente. For those who do not remember, the old status of WhatsApp were user-placed phrases next to your profile picture. They were visible in the Contacts tab and just disappeared with the change in application. In the latest update, the old status returns to app, but with a new name - now called “Message”. Use it, However, remains the same.

Many users were unhappy with the new status of WhatsApp, that disappears after a day, in the same style Instagram Stories and Snapchat. The return of the old function can be a way that the messenger found to please those who complained about the new. nevertheless, the new status should not end.

How to change the sentence in “Message” (old status) do WhatsApp

Step 1. To edit your “Message” not WhatsApp, just go in profile settings. For this, tap the icon three points, at the top right.

Step 2. Then, go in “settings” and you will already see your old status under the name. To change it, open the profile settings, playing on your photo.

Step 3. After, simply tap on the phrase, edit it, and confirm the change. Note that WhatsApp already offers some options “Wall” for users.

Like watching you “Wall” (old status) contacts
Step 1. If you want to know what are the “Wall” your friends, just go in the contact tab. For this, touch the green dot in the lower right corner. Contacts reappeared with the way they were before the new status, that is, a photo and the name or, followed by a phrase or emoji.

Step 2. You can also check the “Wall” of your friends in conversation with each of them. Just tap the name of the person that this information will be visible.

The function “Message” It is not yet available for iPhone (iOS), or Mobile Windows Phone. However, the action must come soon to the official version of the application. If you want to learn how to download the beta version of WhatsApp on your Android phone.

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