Trio who ran drug trafficking scheme in Tarumã neighborhood is stuck in Manaus

The trio was arrested on Thursday (9) with cocaine portions and oxy;
10/03/2017 15h57 - Updated 11/03/2017 16h57
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The former prisoners Rosiane Rego de Oliveira, 31, leiliane Furtado, 26, and the hostess Adriane Nunes da Silva, 25, They were arrested on the afternoon of Thursday (9) in the street 11, União da Vitória community, Tarumã district, west of Manaus, for involvement in drug trafficking in the capital.

Rosiane and Adriane were intercepted yesterday afternoon, day 9, por volta the 17h, the house of Rosiane, Eleven located at Rua da Vitória Union Community, Tarumã district, West zone. Leiliane was arrested shortly thereafter, at the corner of that same route. The civilian police came to them after receiving anonymous reports stating that a residence in Tarumã district was being used as a drug sales point.

"We went to the Street Eleven and Rosiane house found a cocaine portion. In this ocasion, the woman said next door, where Adriane lived, have more drugs. Immediately thereafter we followed to the indicated place and apprehended three cocaine portions, two portions oxy, 30 oxy trouxinhas, R$ 242 in kind, three mobile, two precision scales and three baking pots used in the drug mixture. After we make the arrests verify the existence of two search warrants for the addresses of offenders. The court orders were issued on 11 August 2016, by Judge Eulinete Melo Silva Tribuzy ", He explained the delegate Rodrigo Sá.

Also according to the police chief Rodrigo Sá Barbosa, women were arrested with two portions of cocaine stone and a large stone oxy, which has high power dependence for drug users. They were sent to the Temporary Detention Center Female (CDPF), at kilometer 8, Highway BR-174.

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