Councillor defends stoppage of Manaus teachers

The national strike of the category is scheduled for tomorrow (15).
14/03/2017 15h07 - Updated 14/03/2017 15h07
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The maintenance of retirement for teachers' length of stay and total adherence to the national strike scheduled for tomorrow category (15), They were supported early on Tuesday (14), the councilor and chairman of the Education, Therezinha Ruiz, in the gallery of the City of Manaus (CMM).

According to parliamentary, the renovation project of Social Security proposed by the Federal Government, will directly affect the 12,5 Magisterium thousand professionals in basic education establishments (childish, Elementary and high school) In Manaus.

"The PEC will affect from day care through high school. I bring here a special concern about the changes that we have in Social Security, which includes the elimination of special retirement of teachers. We must mobilize all sectors to submit further proposals to the Federal Government ", said Therezinha, who exercised the teaching for more than 30 years.

The parliamentarian added that the differentiated benefit for the category is intended to meet the frequent psychological damage, bullying and even cases of physical aggression, that take place in public and in private schools.

The councilor warned that with expansion of the servers of service - from the approval of the project from the Union, the education servers who currently retire after 25 years of contribution, They will have to work a total of 49 years to receive the full benefit - will affect the quality of life of workers and the services provided to students.

"It certainly will result in increased absenteeism due to illness, burdening local governments and the entire health system of Manaus and all municipalities in the country, besides damaging the school calendar and learning content ", warned.

Ruiz also called for the support and loyalty of the population to the manifestation of the category that happens on Wednesday, a partir das 15h, in Congress Square, in central city.

"This mobilization is a right and a duty to our federal lawmakers might be prompted to leave with educators to present their proposals in fact. Proposals that include these real demands faced in everyday life of each professional ", he defended.

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