mason's helper arrested for rape and infected with HIV-niece 11 years in Manaus

The abuses have been proven through examination and anal carnal conjunction, conducted by the Institute of Forensic Medicine (IML), who pointed out that to old chronic sexual abuse.
19/04/2017 15h25 - Updated 20/04/2017 11h09
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A mason's helper 37 years was arrested a greeting to arrest warrant appointed by raping his niece, from 11 years old. The crime occurred inside the victim's home, Crowned in the neighborhood, in the east of Manaus. According to police, os for abuse, girl contracted HIV.

The offender was presented during a press conference at 10 am, the building of the General Police, in the center-west of the city. According to the holder of DEPCA, Mason helper was arrested at around 13h, New Aleixo neighborhood, north of the city. The court order on behalf of the offender was expedia on the last day 12 of April, by Judge Mauro Moraes Antony, in Criminal Duty.

Throughout the press conference the police authority said it received on 30 March this year, employees of Tropical Medicine Foundation Dr. Hector Vieira Golden (FMT-HVD), in the center-west of the city, compulsory notification that the victim was diagnosed with tuberculosis in an advanced state, as a result of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (Aids), possibly it contracted through sexual intercourse.

"We have received notification of the Tropical Hospital and we started the investigation surrounding the case. In hospital, to talk with the child, We realized that the girl was very upset and emotionally worn. That's when we noticed that there was an emotional imprint on offense. The Forensic Institute report (IML) found chronic sexual abuse, then it was concluded that the child has had this abusive situation.

Testes – At the hospital the child's parents were submitted to AIDS test. However, the results did not give reagent for disease. That's when we discard the possibility of a congenital condition. The child also was not born with this syndrome, being acquired, possibly, through sexual abuse, subsequently certified by IML ", He informed the delegate.

Tuma explained that at the beginning of the work around the case's teams DEPCA met resistance in investigations. "From the beginning I felt a resistance on the part of the author's family to the police investigate the case. In possession of all the information, including medical records of the victim, We represent the custody of the offender, which was granted by a court. Yesterday we managed to bring about the fulfillment of his arrest warrant, the place where he worked ", he explained.

psychosocial support – From the observation of abuse, a multidisciplinary team DEPCA conducted psychosocial support to the child. During this work, He asked the victim to make a letter to the offender saying he forgave him.

"The child did not know when to mention the abuse began. The health status of the victim remains serious and, according to medical staff, after observing the exams, It is very committed. The visit of the multidisciplinary team followed the victim for some time to establish a relationship of trust with the victim. So, at a given moment, she said she wanted to write a letter. After crying a lot, she wrote that he forgave his uncle that he had done this to her, including that he had asked her not to scream ", said Juliana Tuma.

In the building of DEPCA, Mason helper was charged with rape of vulnerable. At the end of the procedures applicable in the police unit, the offender will be taken to the Detention Center Provisional Male (CDPM), which will be available to the Justice.

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