Ferry with humanitarian aid from the Government is the second stop on the rail of the Juruá

Affected by the flood in Eirunepe begin to be met.
18/04/2017 09h56 - Updated 20/04/2017 17h15
Photo: Press Release / Civil Defense

The second ferry stop of the State, loaded with 500 tons of humanitarian aid, docked in the municipality of Eirunepé, in the pipeline Juruá. Today, 17, a team of Amazonas Civil Defense started the unloading and distribution of the material to those affected by the flood.

"As soon as the ferry came to the city, the agents of the State Civil Defenses, Municipal and Military Fire Department, They began the logistical work to meet the meet families in need of support, in order to minimize the impact of the full ", said Deputy Secretary of the organ, Hermogenes Rabelo.

Only in this city, who decreed Emergency Situation in March, 2.314 affected families who will receive food baskets, dorm kits, potable water, drug kits, Sodium hypochlorite, mattress, personal hygiene kits and still, Cleaning Kits.

Next call – The ferry to the rescue reached the trough of the Juruá, in Itamarati, no last day 11. It is expected that later this week the skirt vessel Eirunepé and head Ipixuna, which has more than 1.600 families harmed by the flooding river.



1 – Guajará (trough Juruá)
2 - Ipixuna (trough Juruá)
3- Eirunepé (trough Juruá)
4 – Itamarati (trough Juruá)
5- Carauari (trough Juruá)

affected families: 9.035


1 – Juruá (trough Juruá)
2 – Envira(trough Juruá)
3 -Tabatinga (Solimões trough)
4- Benjamin Cash (Solimões trough)
5- São Paulo de Olivença (Solimões trough)
6- Amaturá (Solimões trough)
7- Santo Antonio do lea (Solimões trough)
8- Tonantins (Solimões trough)
9- Atalaia do Norte (Solimões trough)
10- Parintins (Lower Amazon rail)
11- Barreirinha (Lower Amazon rail)
12- San Sebastian Uatumã (Lower Amazon rail)
13- Nhamundá (Lower Amazon rail)
14- Urucará (Lower Amazon rail)
15- Boa Vista do Ramos (Lower Amazon rail)
16- Maués (Lower Amazon rail)


1- Coari (Middle Solimões trough)
2- Fonte Boa (Middle Solimões trough)
3- Uarini (Middle Solimões trough)
4- Alvarães (Middle Solimões trough)
5-Tefé (Middle Solimões trough)
6-Jutaí (Middle Solimões trough)
7-Codajás (Middle Solimões trough)
8-Manacapuru (Middle Solimões trough)
9-Iranduba (Middle Solimões trough)
10-Anori (Middle Solimões trough)
11-Nam (Middle Solimões trough)
12-Caapiranga (Middle Solimões trough)
13-Manaquiri (Middle Solimões trough)
14- Itacoatiara (Middle Amazon trough)
15- Autazes (Middle Amazon trough)
16- Silves (Middle Amazon trough)
17- Itapiranga (Middle Amazon trough)
18- Urucurituba (Middle Amazon trough)

*EMERGENCY "landslide"

1- Manacapuru (Lower rail Solimoens) –Status: I attended
2- Tefé (Middle Solimões trough) – Status: I attended
affected families: 121

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