Boat FATHER 'All for Life' starts consultations calendar in Guajará

The vessel of the State, It offers over 30 services in health, citizenship, welfare and education.
12/04/2017 10h16 - Updated 12/04/2017 14h30
Photo: Ismael Neves/FPS

FATHER Boat "All for Life" begins on Wednesday, 12 of April, calls the calendar in Guajará (a 1,6 thousand kilometers of Manaus). The city is the second of Juruá trough to receive the vessel of the State, offering over 30 services in health, citizenship, welfare and education. The vessel will be in town until the day 20 of April, anchored in the city port and community of Good Faith, which has the largest population index.

Renovated with funds from the Social Promotion Fund (FPS), chaired by First Lady Fabiana Gomes de Oliveira, FATHER Boat "All for Life" will be in the pipeline until the Juruá 9 July. In this period, the calls will be made in the seven cities of the gutter and 23 rural communities and indigenous. The first city in the script was Envira, where more than 18,2 thousand calls were made.

"It exceeded our expectations. We were able to meet more than five thousand people with services such as issuing documents, social security and calls on health, with a massive search for new ultrasound and cytology services in Half Net ", said the Citizenship Executive Secretary SEJUSC, Eduardo da Silva. The SEJUSC is responsible for vessel.

services in the health sector were the most sought, as the balance of the Secretariat of Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship. I do not ship, the population has access to consultations with general practitioners, Ophthalmologist, dentist and you can also do tests like transvaginal and unprecedented Cytology in Half Net, preventive more accurate diagnosis than the Pap smear in cases of cervical cancer.

"We also prioritize the Amazon Child Calendar, working hard, in Envira, the issue of truancy. We had meetings with school managers SEDUC and promote an active search for students who had abandoned the classroom, to try to reverse the situation ", Silva added.

Another important initiative carried out by PAI boat is the active search for people with disabilities for the donation of wheelchairs, canes and crutches and delivering treated mosquito nets to fight malaria, that has high transmission rate in the region.

in Guajará, the expectation is to achieve brand 20 thousand people because residents of neighboring cities of Acre should seek the services. After Guajará, FATHER boat "All for Life" goes to Ipixuna, Eirunepé, Itamarati, Carauari and Juruá.

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