vaccination campaign against influenza should begin later this month

A data prévia para início está marcada para o dia o próximo dia 17. The goal is to immunize 366 thousand people in the capital, the elderly, children, health workers, pregnant women and other.
05/04/2017 10h57 - Updated 5/04/2017 11h00
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The National Campaign of Vaccination against Influenza (gripe) está sendo organizada pela Prefeitura de Manaus para ter início ainda este mês, com data proposta para o dia 17. The Municipal Health (Sems) está aguardando o Ministério da Saúde enviar as doses para começar a imunização e as ações de esclarecimento e mobilização da população. A campanha tem data prevista para acontecer até o dia 26 of May, com uma grande mobilização programada para o dia 13 of May, chosen as the D-Day of vaccination.

The goal this year is to immunize 366 thousand people in the capital, the elderly, children, health workers, pregnant women, mothers, indigenous and those with comorbidities (with more than one disease). The municipal secretary of Health, Homero de Miranda Neto Lion, He explains that the campaign should reach, no minimum, 90% the target audience. "This is the goal, but we are making available 410.000 vaccine doses, for everyone to be immunized. Manaus has reached all vaccination goals, getting most of the time first in the country. Essa é a determinação do prefeito Arthur Virgílio Neto e do prefeito em exercício, Mark Rotta, que possamos proteger a população de doenças com as vacinas”.

The vaccine will be available in 182 Health units with vaccination room during the campaign period. Já no Dia D serão disponibilizados 959 vaccination centers in the city, a total of 4.500 people working to achieve the goal of the campaign.

second Secretary, in this year, houve mudanças em relação ao público-alvo e à faixa-etária de alguns grupos. Health workers will be vaccinated; indigenous (villagers and assisted by the Special Secretariat of Indigenous Health); crianças na faixa-etária de 6 months under 5 years (four years, 11 months and 29 days); pregnant and postpartum women (up until 45 days postpartum); people with chronic diseases and other special medical conditions; adolescents and youth 12 a 21 years under educational measures; the prisoners and the staff of the prison system. Besides these, also became part of the priority group teachers from public and private schools.

Miranda Lion Homer points out that vaccination is important because influenza, respiratory infectious disease of viral origin, It is considered a public health problem in Brazil. "This condition can lead to serious complications and death, especially in high risk groups for complications of viral infection, how children, pregnant women, elderly and those with chronic diseases ". De acordo com Homero, every year the flu may present differently, as well as the infection can affect people differently. "So vaccines are reformulated every year and campaigns are periodic", says.

The secretary said, still, that the transmission of influenza virus occurs through contact with respiratory secretions eliminated by the infected person to speak, cough or sneeze (direct broadcast) or through hands or contaminated objects (indirect transmission), when in contact with mucous (boca, eyes, nose). "The main preventive intervention for this injury is vaccination, therefore we call on the population to join the campaign, looking for a health care facility or participating in the D-Day ".

The influenza vaccine is trivalent, comprising inactivated virus, fractionated and purified, therefore, They do not contain live virus and does not cause disease. The doses are contraindicated only for people with severe allergy to chicken eggs and those who have had an anaphylactic reaction to previous doses. However, people with chronic diseases and other special medical conditions should submit the medical report, recipe, stamp certifications of health programs, prescription or other document attesting to their medical condition to receive the immunobiological.

Para as pessoas que fazem parte do público-alvo e estão impossibilitadas de locomoção (bedridden) Semsa to make the home vaccination, from a schedule, This should be done by the number 0800-280-8280. The period for scheduling goes 17 from April to 19 May and the application of the vaccine will be made between 15 a 26 of May.

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