In joining the general strike of workers, TRT will stop on Friday

The General Strike Day in Manaus will start at 7:30 am, in front of the TRT-11, located on the street Ferreira Pena, Center.
27/04/2017 09h41 - Updated 27/04/2017 17h32
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On Friday (28), in Brazil, million workers in the public and private sectors will cross their arms join the general strike against outsourcing and reforms of Social Security and Labor, proposed by the federal government.

How could it be different, the class of civil servants Manaus also participate in major mobilization. Between them, the servers of the Regional Labor Court 11th Region (TRT-11), which they were released by the direction to join the movement. The other servers of the federal, state and municipal levels will also be in the fight.

"These reforms will not bring any benefit to society and public servants are as impaired as any other working class, that is why, we will all be united next Friday, fighting for the guarantee of our rights ", says, vice president of the Union of Labor Justice Servers in Amazonas and Roraima (SitraAM/RR), Luis Claudio Correa.

The entity also integrates' Fights Front “outside Temer” Manaus – Against the Rights of Withdrawal ', made by the National Union of Education Federal Servers Basic, Professional and Technological (Sinasefe), Association of Professors of the Federal University of Amazonas (Adua), National Union of Teachers of Higher Education Institutions (ANDES, Pro-Union of Psychologists, Teachers fighting moves, Women in Struggle Movement (MML), Women for Democracy, Permanent Forum of Women Manaus (FPMM), APS, Communist Youth Union (UJC), CSP-Conlutas and National Student Assembly - Free (RING), among other organizations and popular movements that are all present in the sixth act.

second Correa, the General Strike Day in Manaus will start at 7:30 am, in front of the TRT-11, located on the street Ferreira Pena, Center, with actions in defense of the Labor Justice of server and other workers, besides the great act that will bring together all categories of workers, 15h, at Police Plaza, in repudiation of Social Security and Labor reforms.

"All unions and unions with branches in the Amazon should be part of the general strike, with acts scattered throughout Manaus throughout the day. In the morning, unions will meet their bases in various activities and the afternoon will join the great act in Center. The idea is that all the unions make mobilization on ", adds the unionist.

The actions of the Labor Court's servers during the general mobilization were articulated at a meeting held on the morning of Wednesday (26), at the headquarters of the Labor Forum Mozart Russomano Minister, located on the street Ferreira Pena, Center.

The President of SitraAM / RR, Edmilson Marinho, He emphasized that the direction of the TRT-11 has positioned positively and met the requirement that the union made to the activities in the Labor Forum were suspended, which was approved unanimously by the full Court.

"The external device has been suspended by the full Labor Court, endorsing the mobilization in favor of the servers. Then you will not have service on Friday, unattended servers can be with us in this act in front of the Labor Court ", said Marine.

In addition to federal civil servants, state and municipal, the great act of Friday (28) will feature road workers, banking, metallurgical and oil, among others. The day of general strike is organized by bodies such as the Central Workers (CUT), Central of Workers of Brazil (CTB), CSP-Conlutas, General Workers' Union (UGT), New Central Workers (NAP), Movement of Popular Struggle (MLP), Order of Lawyers of Brazil, collective, LGBT activists and parties's PSTU, PC do B, PCB, PT, PSOL and Network.

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