In a letter to Fear, Pope visit to Brazil refuses and calls attention to the poor

Francisco said busy schedule did not allow it to accept invitation to celebrations of 300 years of the apparition of Our Lady Aparecida.
18/04/2017 17h18 - Updated 19/04/2017 11h19
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In a letter in which he refused an invitation to visit Brazil, Pope Francisco charged President Michel Temer (PMDB) to avoid measures that worsen the situation of the poor in the country. The correspondence was a response to another sent by the President in order to 2016, in which the leader of the Catholic Church was formally invited to the celebrations of 300 years of the apparition of Our Lady Aparecida, celebrated in 2017.

“I am well aware that the crisis that the country faces is not simple solution, since it has social roots, political and economic, and does not correspond to the Church or the Pope give a concrete recipe to solve something as complex”, He wrote the pontiff, second excerpt published in the journalist Gerson Camarotti blog, the GloboNews.

The pope asked Temer special attention to the poorest. “I can not help but think of so many people, especially in poorer, they often find themselves completely abandoned and often those who pay the most bitter and harrowing price of some easy and superficial solutions to crises that go beyond the purely financial sphere”, stated.

declined invitation. On the invitation, Pope said, because of their busy schedule, I could not visit Brazil this year. Also according to Camarotti, the pontiff said that prays for the country and accompanying “carefully” the events in the largest nation in Latin America.

Citing his apostolic exhortation The Joy of Gospel, Francisco also reminded that you can not “trust the blind forces and the invisible hand of the market”, at a time when the government is trying to approve Fearing economic reforms to ensure investor confidence.

Impeachment. In September, at the inauguration of a statue of Our Lady of Aparecida in the Vatican, the pontiff had said that Brazil was going through a “sad moment”.

One month before, Francisco had sent an unofficial letter in support of Dilma Rousseff (PT), which at the time had not yet suffered the impeachment. However, Pope always avoided to position publicly on the political crisis facing the country, that culminated in the overthrow of President PT.

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