Former BBB Marcos Härter publishes textão on Facebook about Emilly and reveals heartache

The doctor stated that he lived with Emilly one of the greatest love stories of his life, more than, from a certain point, she began to see him as an opponent.
22/04/2017 19h45 - Updated 24/04/2017 10h41
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Former BBB Marcos Härter published on his Facebook profile a long vent in the form of a letter to Emilly, the former champion sister editing 2017, with whom he maintained a relationship while both were in the house of the reality TV Globo. In a text with references to love and heartache, the doctor says he lived with Emilly one of the greatest love stories of his life, more than, from a certain point, she began to see him as an opponent.

"I knew the prize was very important for you (Emilly), but at the same time I had the clear notion that I could give to you out here was priceless. The days passed and I was living one of the most amazing stories of love of my life. Scientifically, the idea of ​​evaluating the behavior of human beings by confinement always seemed fantastic. Be part of the experience was everything be sensational, it would prove to myself and to an entire country that true love can exist yes, even in laboratory conditions ", wrote Mark.

According to the former Brother, the change in the relationship with Emilly occurred when he returned from the wall with Marinalva with 77% approval. "And there you have committed one of his biggest mistakes in the program: to hear my fans screaming “It is champion!”, He came to see me as someone I had never been to you: an opponent. "

Marcos does not speak of aggression and says he is very hurt by Emilly. It also reports the meeting between the two after he left the confessional on the elimination:

"On Monday, day of my elimination, out of the confessional for the last time, you came to me in the kitchen and found me washing dishes. He was wearing the orange robe and arranged the microphone on the right arm, He had removed for examination by the physician production. I know why you could not talk to me crying and came out of the house saying: 'My God. What did I do'. The weight on his conscience was so great that even the words which I suggest you actually managed to hold. God saw what you did yes, e, slowly, people will see also. I consider this one of the saddest scenes program: you had just unfairly accuse the person you say that both loved!”

The doctor ends the letter revealing all the hurt that has ex-sister:
"I know you will deny, shout, flounce, do all that was in the program when people pointed a fault in you. But I expect only one thing from you: close your eyes, breathe deeply, go deep inside you. Look for a spot where you are feeling a little pain. Learn that throughout the history of mankind, love and character have never been for sale. "

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