Health fair warning about the risk factors for diabetes

One of the goals was dentificar early possible changes in the evaluation of patients, considering the risks for diabetes or high blood pressure.
09/04/2017 13h43 - Updated 10/04/2017 10h38
Photo: Press Release / Semsa

With the theme "Diabetes: identifying your changes ", the Health Unit Family - South 45 (UBSF – S 45) promoted in the morning d Friday, 7/4, a Health Fair to identify risk factors for diabetes among residents of Petropolis and Root neighborhoods, in the south of Manaus.

The action took place in the Family Living Center André Araújo, the Root neighborhood, and made part of the program that the Municipal Health (Sems) organized to mark the World Health Day (7 of April).

"The Basic Units were instructed to develop actions to prevent diseases and health promotion, alerting the public to the importance of self-care to maintain a better quality of life ", explains the municipal secretary of Health, Homero de Miranda Neto Lion.

According to the secretary, combating diabetes was one of the topics, because it is a disease recognized as a public health problem of global scale. Besides that, during the Health Fair, the population had access to services such as assessment of body mass index (IMC), measurement of blood pressure and blood glucose, guidance on the use of medicines for hypertension and diabetes, guidelines on combating Aedes aegypti, healthy eating and physical activity.

The nurse responsible for the action, Rosineide Padilha Lopes, explains that after completing all the service circuit, patients who showed some indication of risk for diabetes, as high glycemic, They performed the neuromotor evaluation of foot-diabetic and were met immediately by a doctor, evaluating the need for exams and prescription medications.

"The main objective is to identify early possible changes in patient assessment, considering the risks for diabetes or high blood pressure, and causing it to initiate the necessary medical referral, in addition to providing guidance for the adoption of healthier lifestyles ", said the nurse, remembering that UBSF - S 45 already attached 148 patients registered in Hypertension Control Program and Diabetes (Hiperdia).

For radiology technique retired Maria da Conceição Gonçalves Nazareth, 72 years, resident of Petrópolis neighborhood, participation in the Health Fair served to draw attention to a value of the modified blood glucose. "I am hypertensive, but I do not think my diabetes and blood glucose tests were always normal. But, with this change, I've been sent to meet with the doctor for a more complete review ", said Maria da Conceição.

This Friday, in Semsa headquarters, They were also carried out various activities in the auditorium, Rua Mário Ypiranga, 1695, from 9 am to 11:45 am. The program included hosting of participants with music (voice and guitar), talk with a psychologist about mental health, physical exercises, blood pressure measurement, Postural evaluation, nutritional assessment and, still, skin cleansing and makeup.
The Semsa Nutrition team also made nutritional assessment, nutritional guidance to servers at nutritional risk and referrals to nutritionists as indicated, with health promotion and demonstration of sodium, sugar and fat present in processed foods.
not Sunday, 9, the Semsa will be in Ponta Negra, in partnership with the Foundation for Health Surveillance (FVS), with a stand to demonstrate the actions principally to combat the mosquito Aedes aegypti, Dengue causes, chikungunya e zika, besides yellow fever.

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