Donald Trump cabinet has weekly meeting for Bible study

US vice president and secretaries study the Bible with pastor.
25/04/2017 11h19 - Updated 25/04/2017 11h19
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A copy of the energy secretary's agenda Rick Perry, obtained by, He revealed that the office of Donald Trump has a weekly meeting with a pastor for Bible study.

The meeting with a duration of time appears in the secretary's agenda described as "Biblical Studies for Cabinet Members". The studies are taught by Pastor Ralph Drollinger.

According to information from Capitol Ministries, organization Drollinger pastor, several members of the Trump cabinet, including vice president Mike Pence, Secretary of Education, Bestsy DeVos, or secretário do Department of Housing and Urban Development, well Carson, Secretary of Justice, Jeff Sessions and CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, in addition to the Energy Secretary Rick Perry, participate in studies.

The minister said that the American President Donald Trump intends to change America's course using the guidelines of God's Word. Drollinger also praised Trump for the initiative to appoint many Christians to departments.

"The appointment of Pence, Sessions and Pompeo to the US government illustrates what we read in 1 Timothy 1.1-4 ", said. "Suddenly, these men who were disciples of the Church are in prominent positions of authority to change the course of America through the Bible ".

Trump and the Bible

US President Donald Trump has spoken several times about biblical values ​​that he considers essential to his government and even claimed would protect Christians against religious persecution.

Donald Trump also promised to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, despite international pressure on the Holy City is divided with the Palestinians. Trump also vetoed a million dollar donation to Palestine. The donation was authorized by Barack Obama, former US president two.


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