Judge hears victim and case witnesses surgeon accused of malpractice and personal injury in patients

Jorge Cury is a party to 27 processes in the first instance judicial Amazon, mostly for personal injury and medical malpractice.
12/04/2017 10h47 - Updated 12/04/2017 17h13
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Judge Law Priscila Pinheiro Pereira, the 11th Criminal Court heard on Monday (10), the prosecution witnesses and the victim A.S.S., Jorge Cury accusing Carlos Mansilla, whose medical license was revoked by the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) earlier this year, to have her left with sequelae after a surgical procedure of abdominoplasty, conducted in 2013.

The Cury did not attend the hearing because the defense had a clean bill of health. It is a party to 27 processes in the first instance judicial Amazon, mostly for personal injury and medical malpractice; and two in the second instance. A.S.S. It is a one of the women who sought justice to report Carlos Cury, whose case No. 0607011-89.2013.8.04.0001 had the examining started on Monday. She said she would have spent R $ 11 thousand in 2013 to do a tummy tuck. After, the doctor would still have made a new surgery to "try to correct the error", consistent A.S.S. "I did the first surgery and when I returned to him, I said it would have to redo the navel, it was not good. He made the clinic himself. I was with sequels and I suffer a lot from it ", said, during press conference, on the morning of the second.

The instruction hearings continue on Tuesday and Wednesday, when they will be heard the witnesses presented by the defense Cury. On Wednesday (12), It is expected the questioning of the defendant, however, as the defense, Eliziane by Cristina Maluf Martins attorney, He presented a medical certificate, Judge will analyze whether or not to accept the document.

Carlos Mansilla answered Cury 27 actions at first instance in Amazon Court (TJAM). these, 10 proceed through actions in Civil Courts, where complainants require compensation for damages; 17 actions proceed through the common sticks Criminal, where the doctor is accused revoked by personal injury crime, serious bodily injury and injury followed by death. No next day 17 It is planned for new instruction hearings of three cases involving the defendant Carlos Mansilla Cury, They will also occur in the 11th Criminal Court.

Source: TJAM

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