Manou: In less than 24 hours opened, project is vandalized

In one of the stations, located in the Municipal Market Adolpho Lisboa, one bike was part of the cerrado handlebars and stolen basket.
14/04/2017 11h34 - Updated 15/04/2017 15h55
Photo: Márcio James / Semcom

In less than 24 hours after the inauguration, four bikes Manôbike project, released on Wednesday, 12/4, Manaus Prefecture, They have been vandalized. The most serious case was registered at the station 9, installed in the Municipal Market Adolpho Lisboa, where a bike was part of the cerrado handlebars and stolen basket.

The company operating the system, Samba/Serttel, reports that complaints can be made immediately to the Central Customer Service by number 4003-0387, to be driven to local service. In cases occurred, the operator is already in place to repair the damage. The average cost of the operation in Manaus, including maintenance, It is $ 10 one thousand.

The president of the Municipal Institute of Urban Planning (Implurb), Claudio Guenka, He was at the station on Thursday, 13/4. The Implurb is responsible for no cost Cooperation Agreement contract for the Municipality. “We will take the necessary measures, but initially we want the population is aware of the feeling that the project is the city, It belongs to every citizen. It is a good that is for the people and we can not let that happen”, stated.

On Monday, 17, after the holiday, It will be held a meeting with the company to verify the means to ascertain what happened. “The Manaus Prefecture, per share of Mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto, It is implementing innovations in the city, but it needs support from all. not like, actually, that no bike was damaged. It is a kind of urban equipment that does not need monitoring, but we will ask for support of the Municipal Guard”, He noted Guenka.

Who passed the spot while the damaged bikes were collected lamented the episode. "People need to respect the bike. Not because the benefit is public, that Americans should feel you can destroy or take and not give back. The idea is great, mainly for transit here in Manaus ", said educator Janete Canto, 41. "This idea is 'way', makes it easier for those in need. It's a shame there still have those who want to do evil ", completed the charger André Silva, 25.

The project

Beyond the question of mobility and encouraging non-polluting means and aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens, the shared bicycle system also favors the strengthening of political tourism.

Operation of the system is done by Samba Sustainable Transport, the Serttel Group, sponsored by Hapvida. The company has signed cooperation agreement with the city, after leaving the winner of the Public Calling notice released by Implurb.

Are 11 operation stations, which are located in emblematic places of the capital, such as its "Mercadão", the century-old avenue Eduardo Ribeiro, the Church N.S.. Remedios, the Congress Square, the Portuguese Benevolent and other.

The system will run from Monday to Sunday, from 6 am to 23h, Equipment for the removal of, and 24 hours to return. Manaus will 110 bikes available for 11 seasons, but the network may be expanded in the future, as demand.

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