Family members of the Northern faction are stuck with high-caliber weapons and ammunition in Manaus

With the eight arrested was made the largest seizure of firearms of the year, In Manaus.
29/04/2017 14h22 - Updated 30/04/2017 15h11
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The Military Police, by 2 ° battalion shock / Rounds Chichi Cândido Mariano (2No. BPCHQ / ROCAM), performed, early on Saturday, day 29 of April, the largest seizure of firearms of the year, In Manaus. In this ocasion, the military police arrested eight people, that would be members of the North Family faction (FDN), to whom belong the armament.

In diligenciadas residences, police found the Rocam Eliel Costa Apolinario, 21 years, Gabriel Costa Apolinario, 18 years, Valdison Soares da Silva, 29 years, Ezequiel Silva Santiago, 20 years and Ewerton Andrade de Souza, from 19 years. All eight arrested by police reported, during the police action, which are members of the criminal faction North Family (FDN) and acted as bodyguards mouths-of-smoke Amazonino Mendes neighborhood, besides committing robberies the city.

The arrest of the gang in the neighborhood Amazonino Mendes, in the north of the City. The Rocam car number 233, patrolling, received information via Whatsapp Report Rocam, of what, in Bela Vista Street, neighborhood Amazonino Mendes, there were three people carrying heavy firearms in a vehicle model Goal, color and gray-JXS plate 6028, when police moved to the location.

On the street indicated, officers of Rocam spotted the vehicle and initiated the approach of those who were inside, Orlan Marcio Silva de Jesus, 26 years, Rafael Pinheiro Reis, 25 years, and Edvilson de Almeida de Oliveira, 23 years. With them, first, police found a pistol caliber .40, exclusive use of a weapon of Civil Police, Military and Federal Highway and the Armed Forces.

After the military question the arming of origin, they obtained information that led them to other steps, with support from other teams Rocam, and arrived at the residences No. 3 e N ° 3A, in the street Bela Vista, where they found three caliber handguns .40, two revolvers caliber .38, a submachine gun caliber 9mm, two caliber rifles 12, 11 caliber ammunition 12, 20 9mm caliber ammunition, 44 caliber ammunition .40, a grenade, a ballistic vest and three communicators radios.

Violators were conducted for the 6th District Integrated Police (DIP), in the New Town neighborhood, for legal proceedings.

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