Ministers will be investigated for having received almost R $ 50 millions

Or minister Edson Fachin, Rapporteur of Operation Lava Jato in the Supreme Court (STF), He ordered the opening of investigations against the eight ministers.
15/04/2017 15h03 - Updated 16/04/2017 15h20
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The eight ministers cited by whistleblowers Operation Lava jet will be investigated for having received at least R $ 48,8 million illegally. All were cited as involved in the corruption scheme investigated by the Task Force Lava Jet, the testimonies of 17 whistleblowers Odebrecht company, that they have signed collaboration agreements awarded to Justice.

Or minister Edson Fachin, Rapporteur of Operation Lava Jato in the Supreme Court (STF), He ordered the opening of investigations against the eight ministers.

Moreira Franco and Eliseu Padilha
The chief minister of the Civil House, Eliseu Padilha, and the Minister of Government Secretariat, Moreira Franco, They will be investigated in the same survey, in which federal prosecutors pointed indications that both called for illegal resources for election campaigns PMDB.

They were mentioned in the testimonies of six whistleblowers Odebrecht, including the former chief executive of the group, Marcelo Odebrecht. Moreira Franco would request US $ 4 million for campaign 2014, ensuring in exchange for the inclusion of provisions favorable to the company in the airport concession notices. The money would have been given to a person with the code name "Primo", at addresses that correspond to the personnel office Eliseu Padilha.

Padilha will also be investigated in a second survey, relating to irregularities in the works Trensurb, in Porto Alegre. According to denunciations, he requested payment 1% of the contract value, because of its possible interference in the bidding process, or corresponding to R $ 3,2 millions.

in a statement, Padilha said that trust in Brazilian institutions and make sure that “with the opening of the investigation will be guaranteed you the opportunity to extensively exercise their right of defense ". Moreira Franco said he would not comment on the information disclosed.

Gilberto Kassab
The largest amount pointed in the denunciations have been received by the Minister of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications, Gilberto Kassab. He was appointed by four whistleblowers to have received approximately R $ 20 million in undue advantages between 2008 e 2014, while he was mayor of São Paulo and, after, when he held the positions of Minister of Cities, Science and Technology Government of Dilma Rousseff.

Kassab is being investigated for active and passive corruption and money laundering. in a statement, the minister said he had not had access to official information from it, but it is necessary to be cautious with employees testimonials. He said that "the acts performed in their campaigns were carried out according to the law".

The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Map), Maggi, It is appointed by whistleblowers to have received R $ 12 million Odebrecht when he was governor of Mato Grosso. The value would be for the political re-election campaign in 2006.

in a statement, Blairo Maggi said that Odebrecht has received donations in their election campaigns and has no relationship with the company or its leaders. Maggi also said he has a clear conscience that did nothing wrong.

Marcos Pereira
The Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade, Marcos Pereira, is accused by informers have received R $ 7 millions. The money would be to keep the minister Party support, or PRB, the coalition that elected Dilma Rousssef and Michel Temer in 2014.

The minister Marcos Pereira said he was available to the Court to provide all the necessary clarifications and always acted within the law as party chairman, seeking corporate donations respecting electoral rules.

hélder barbalho
Odebrecht whistleblowers also accused Helder Barbalho, Minister of National Integration, receiving R $ 1,5 million in undue benefits not accounted for his campaign to the government of Pará, in 2014.

Barbalho denies having committed illegal acts and says that all the resources received as donations to his campaign 2014 They were duly registered with the Regional Electoral Court (TRE-PA), which approved all of your accounts.

Bruno Araújo
Former executives say Odebrecht paid R $ 600 thousand for the Minister of Cities, Bruno Araújo, under the pretext of election campaigns 2010 e 2012. The money would not have been accounted for Justice, which constituted box 2.

The Minister of Cities will be investigated for bribery, passive and money laundering. in a statement, Bruno Araújo says who asked donations to various companies, including Odebrecht, or was allowed. And that has always worked, during or mandate, on behalf of collective interests.

Aloysio Nunes
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Aloysio Nunes, He is accused of receiving R $ 500 thousand for Senate campaign of 2010. The whistleblowers claim that the request was made while Nunes was secretary of the Civil House of the government of José Serra, in Sao Paulo. In exchange, the current minister had pledged to assist the company in negotiating infrastructure works contracts in the state.

Aloysio Nunes is being investigated for passive and active corruption, money laundry, crimes against tax order and fraud in bidding. in a statement, the Minister said that will only manifest when you have access to the survey content.

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