MPF gives tactical ball in Lula and tracks cars travel the institute for the triplex in Guaruja

Research has shown that there was a travel routine from São Bernardo do Campo to the city of Guaruja, Condominium resort in Solaris.
24/04/2017 10h39 - Updated 24/04/2017 15h46
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The MPF - Federal prosecutors undertook an intelligent action during investigations linking the famous triplex renovated by the OAS in Guaruja with former President Lula - likely owner of the property.

The investigation sought to demonstrate that there was a travel routine from Sao Bernardo do Campo, city ​​where former president lived, and arriving in the city of Guaruja, resort where is located the Condominium Solaris. Besides that, institute several cars had the same itinerary, which proves that such trips were not just an "isolated incident", but common practice.

In the document presented by the MPF, we see the two most likely routes in Lula possible travel and your family to the triplex:

In both cases, several cars effected trips to the triplex, as shown in the No Stop system, responsible for electronic toll collection on the way. And therein lies the "cat leap" in investigations: prosecutors gathered material evidence of comings and goings of Lula Institute of vehicles to the city where is the triplex between the years 2011 e 2014.

In the pictures below, You can follow the passage records the No Stop system 2 Lula Institute-owned cars:

Last toll on the route indicates that they were going to triplex

Something that strengthens the argument of the MPF is the fact that the Lula Institute car trips followed the exact path required to reach the Condominium Solaris, where is the infamous triplex. Such evidence makes it clear that a possible argument the defense putting the institute's cars went to other places becomes weak, requiring other devices that may invalidate what was presented by the prosecution:


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