New mammography unit will operate in FCECON in April

It is expected to increase, at least, 50% the number of tests of this type.
11/04/2017 09h49 - Updated 11/04/2017 16h22

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The Foundation Amazonas State Oncology Control Center (FCecon), unit linked to the Department of Health (Sesame), has received, in March, a new mammography unit, which will strengthen the area of ​​laboratory tests and diagnostic support. The equipment was donated to the institution by the Women's Institute Dona Lindu and will still operate this month, He reported the unit's CEO, oncological surgeon Marco Antonio Ricci. It is expected to increase, at least, 50% the number of tests of this type.

According to the manager of the Imaging Service of FCECON, a medical Sabrina Bianco, on the last year, health institution registered 2.483 mammograms, held in oncological patients, with suspected malignancy or follow the Foundation.

"We ofertávamos mammograms in FCECON before the arrival of mammography, but the new equipment will optimize the process of exams, which will be faster through the latest technology. Besides that, we will have two devices for this type of procedure ", highlighted.

The device holds up to 45 tests / day and is connected to the entire network of Imaging Service, enabling access to images generated by it, various offices and offices, and facilitating the analysis and issue reports.

With the arrival of mammography, Planmed brand, modelo Sophie Classic, and the new CT scanner, donated in 2016 to FCecon, the Social Promotion Fund (FPS), the hospital, considered a benchmark in oncology in the Western Amazon, now has a modern image Park, essential service in the diagnostic process and treatment of malignancies.


Pensioner Maria de Lourdes Alves de Castro, 65, Since the patient FCECON 2014, He explains that it was through the mammogram she discovered the cancer in one breast and could treat it in time. Today, she overcame the disease and undergoes routine assessments in hospital.

"When I found out, soon came to Cecon and the doors opened. I had surgery and am cured. Recently, I found a lump in the other breast and the doctor who operated on me said it was benign, but he referred me to a new surgery, because we can not play with the health ", said. About Mammography, she leaves a message so that women do not forget to take the exam, "Because we can not play with this kind of disease".


The manager of the Imaging Service, Drag. Sabrina White, He explains that mammography is the only test able to identify injuries, as microcalcifications, which may indicate the presence of breast cancer. It should be done, according to specialist, once a year, starting from 40 years, and is a right provided by law.

Breast cancer is a malignant neoplasm of highest incidence in women in the world. No Brasil, the disease is also first in the ranking, with forecast 57,9 thousand cases this year, according to the latest projection from the National Cancer Institute (Inca), body of the Ministry of Health.

No Amazon, this cancer comes second, second only to cervical cancer. It is estimated that they are registered 440 new diagnoses in the state, in this year, or equivalent 24 cases for each group 100 thousand women.

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