Odebrecht paid kickbacks to Indian for codenamed 'tribe', says whistleblower

Code named 'tribe', Indian leaders received current account deposits, said Valadares. The payments were linked to the Madeira Project.
14/04/2017 15h44 - Updated 15/04/2017 15h55
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The executive Henrique Valadares, one of the informers of Odebrecht, reported to Operation Lava jet that contractor made payments, via caixa 2, to Indians. Code named 'tribe', Indian leaders received current account deposits, said Valadares. The payments were linked to the Madeira Project.

The whistleblower pointed 'installments of R $ 5 thousand to Antenor Karitario (the current account of wife), R$ 2 Karitario thousand for Orlando, R$ 2 thousand for the Association of Peoples Karitianos, and R $ 1,5 for the payment of small requests of the same '. "Tribe. This guy turned to my friend, I even have a headdress at home. The chief of the tribe there is Antenor Karitário ", reported. "I paid for it R $ 5 thousand a month, deposited in his wife's account. And an additional $ 2 thousand to Orlando to be there another chieftain of the tribe ".

Henrique Valadares said 'this here was to distribute to the Indians'. "Fell in generic, tribe. "The pay sheet delivered by Valadares to Lava jet points to a series of payments to the codename 'tribe'. The section entitled 'Output Motion', indicates R $ 893,5 in 3 January 2011. Seven days later, additional $ 4.730,37 the tribe'. In 2 February 2011, 'Tribe' was the recipient of three transfers: R$ 1.202,57, R$ 1.202,57 and R $ 3.006,43.

this spreadsheet, the last payments 'tribe' were 7 March 2012 (R$ 1.139,21, R$ 1.708,82 and R $ 2.848,03) e, in 8 March 2012 (R$ 847,84). The Federal Public Ministry, Valadares also reported payments 'Bearded'. The informer called the code name to a representative of the CUT by the Heavy Construction Workers Union in Porto Velho.

“Barbudos, this is easy to guess, I believe. This is for the representatives of the local CUT. The CUT was the first union to get there and settle. They were all watching, I had nothing in town, suddenly there comes a contingent of 25 thousand men in work and more so in the other. Unions arrive so, that not bee to conquer space ", he said. "The staff of the CUT used monthly charge tolls for them not to support strikes, acts of violence, this kind of thing".

The executive also reported transfers to 'partner'. According to the informer, payments were scheduled to union directors, They are seeking that they do not insuflassem workers to acts of vandalism and looting in the work in collective bargaining times, especially given the history of Jirau.

The launches of R $ 5 thousand correspond to payments made to Raimundo Pereira Enelcio, Altair Donizete de Oliveira and Ademilton Santos Borges. Since the amounts of R $ 2,5 thousand refer to deposits to Valdeci da Costa Braga and Francisco das Chagas Costa.

The total tuition fee at St. Anthony of plant design, on the Madeira River, Rondônia, paid by Odebrecht and Andrade Gutierrez, reached R $ 80 millions. Despite being an enterprise taken over by the government of the PT, most of the payments was made PMDB politicians, PSDB and PP, according to whistleblowers Odebrecht.

The charges cite former congressman Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) - convicted and imprisoned in Curitiba -, the Aécio Neves senators (PSDB-MG), Edison Lobão (PMDB-MA), Ivo Cassol (PP-RO), Romero Juca (PMDB-RR) and Valdir Raupp (PMDB-RO), besides Sandro Mabel, special adviser to President Michel Temer.

The plant was the first major project of Odebrecht as an investor in the energy sector, in the mid 2000. The company claims at the time were to become the largest generator in the country. The business model would be to aggressively compete in the auction of the federal government and do the work after, as a supplier, which would have a higher profit margin.

in testimony, Henrique Valadares cited payments codenamed 'lawyer'. According to the informer, there was a 'compromise' made by a company executive with former Governor Ivo Cassol 'Attorney payment' that defended. "It's like Renan, It has a process Cacetada back. One of them, recently, caused the removal of him ", said. "We pay also, the guy did not want to receive on behalf of Odebrecht. service payment, in fact he was doing service to the governor. Nor do we want that to happen. Paid directly that way. "Valadares stated that the payment 'was not so expressive'.

The informer also said that 'not always box 2 necessarily mean payment of bribes'. "Cash 2 It can be used for other purposes. Here's one of them. The party name, event, I do not know what and such. Not bribe, It is not a money given to public servant. When they had a great event in the work, a deviation of a river, I had a party. He called the entire team, served whiskey, I do not know what ", reported.

"I learned early on that when things like that happen, involving alcohol and such, should not release note, this liquor record in the company accounts. It will pass into the hands of a lot of people do not know what it is and will tell: 'Has such a Henry here Valadares, Jose Bonifacio, Rogério Batista, that is charging a millionaire note of liquor. You should have invited his friends, Salvador inteirinho, no Carnival, to make a spree. ' "

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