Rocam holds gang that carried out robberies in collective Manaus

The offenders were arrested in the north of Manaus in the early last night (27).
28/04/2017 10h22 - Updated 28/04/2017 16h07
Photo: Press Release / PM

The team of Military Police Round Ostensive Cândido Mariano (Rocam), the car 6971, disarticulated, Thursday afternoon (27), a gang involved in robbery collective in Manaus. The group was arrested and they were found three weapons and 500 grams of narcotic substance. The offenders were arrested in the north of Manaus.

During patrolling the northern area of ​​Manaus, Garrison received information via “WhatsApp Report ROCAM” of what, the avenue Samaúma, in front of the Mount of Olives neighborhood SPA, a red shirt woman was carrying a firearm. The team went to the site and confirmed the fact. Viviane Souza Birth, 18 years, It found a caliber revolver 38.

After being questioned about arming, Viviane said it was part of a gang that practiced assaults on collective in the city and that would deliver a weapon in the house of Vanderson Silva and Silva, 22 years. Before the woman information about the whereabouts of the other three companions crimes, the Rocam shifted to local and Vanderson found at his residence, carrying a homemade gun caliber 16, and Breno house Caio dos Santos Brito, 20 years, It was found about 500 grams of marijuana type Skank and the Victor Gabriel Fernandes house, 18 years, a portion of numbing, supposedly oxy and a homemade shotgun type weapon.

Detainees confirmed that participated in robberies and collective numbing sale at various points of the city of Manaus. The gang was conducted at 15 ° DIP to legal proceedings

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