Rocam holds trafficking suspect by restricted gun possession and using a stolen vehicle

The man was arrested early on Monday (17), Alley Caixa D'Água, Judge at Avenida João Machado, in Alvorada neighborhood.
17/04/2017 11h37 - Updated 17/04/2017 11h42
Photo: Press Release / PM

full military policemen in Rounds Chichi Cândido Mariano (Rocam), of the Amazon Military Police (PMAM), arrested, early on Monday, day 17, José Lucas Machado Canavarro, from 23 years old, Alley Caixa D'Água, Judge at Avenida João Machado, in Alvorada neighborhood, Midwest zone of Manaus, after it has been addressed, searched and spotted carrying a caliber handgun 40, Taurus, model 940, numbering STJ87138, with 10 intact ammunition and a stolen vehicle. The PT.40 weapon is restricted use of the Civil and Military Police and the Armed Forces.

The police received complaints, through the WhatsApp application, Dial the phone Allegations of Rocam (992807574), that José Lucas was in this pathway, which is already known to the police as trafficking area, although the constant police assaults, selling drugs. The number of car 7931, with PM Sergeant D. Nunes in charge, He moved to the site and identified the suspect, no final do Beco. During the approach, José Lucas was caught with the gun and with a car key. the police, He confessed that the keys belonged to a Fiat Palio, what, he claimed to have parked, moments before, near there.

Via radio network, police raised the OAK-2288 cards, who were in the car, They were cold and, the vehicle chassis number, actually, it was the same one original fiat plates AZT-3697, with theft restriction. The police found no narcotic substance with the suspect. But, before the fact be carrying, illegally, fire gun, and be in a pose of a stolen vehicle, José Lucas received under arrest on the spot and was taken to the 10th Police District Integrated (DIP) for legal proceedings.

Drug war – In the cell phone device that police seized the suspect, officers found a photo and video. In the picture, a man appears, Alley within the water tank, with a track which is written the initials of the criminal faction North Family (FDN), the name of the alley and the initial MP, that would be a reference to the dealer nicknamed "Marcos Para", that command the traffic in the region. no video, the same man appears trying to burn the track and, then, the ripping. As the police, the video is related to crack what is happening in faction and involving, just, disruption from that point of drugs with the NDF and the Marcos Para dealer.

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