Brazilian team back home with 21 World Pro Jiu-Jitsu medals

Amazonas are responsible for more than half of achievements.
26/04/2017 12h44 - Updated 26/04/2017 12h46
Photo: Mauro Neto / Sejel

The Brazilian National Jiu-Jitsu, representing the nation last week at the World Professional, em Abu Dhabi, He began to arrive in their home states. With a surplus of 21 medals won in the most gentle art event in the world, Amazonians - already in baré little land - accounted for more than half of them, altogether 15. This was the first time that an official delegation represented Brazil at the event and all 58 athletes (including disabled athletes) Amazon received Government support, via the State Secretariat for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel) and Ministry of Sports.

This Wednesday, day 26, from 14:30, some Amazonian fighters have carried out training in the Olympic Village of Manaus, no Dom Pedro, as is the case of Gabriel Moraes. The black belt won gold for the second consecutive year at the World Pro and took more than R $ 15,000 award, after winning the category 62Kg, by Master I. In the first fight, Gabriel won the American Rene Lopez for advantage and, at the final, he hit the Brazilian Jorge Santos with claims 11 the exact 0. With the result in the United Arab Emirates, the fighter still won the first ranking, receiving the event organization a "liking’ done more for.

“I won the main competition of the International Federation of Abu Dhabi in recent months, as the Grand Slam in Rio de Janeiro, Grand Slam or London, the National Pro in Manaus, as well as the World Pro in the Emirates. Are strong events, worth a good prize and, Thank God, could be a champion in all. Thereby, I am as the first ranking in my division and will continue to fight for this. Inclusive, I gained over a sum of the organization to be number one and I attended Sunday dinner at Emirates Palace, that only will guests, and where they held a tribute to the winners”, said the black belt.

The Amazon Rita de Cássia was another who shone. The purple belt made three fights, the first due for completion, the second won by advantage and the third won by two points, leaving the Filipino Margarita Ochoa back. As a result, it besides taking gold by 49kg category, still pocketed the award of more than six thousand reais. The hard shell also trains on Wednesday in the Olympic Village.

"The competition was very tough and this was my first time at the World Pro. I went back to Jiu-Jitsu after a few years, because it was focused on judo, and my return could not have been better. Now, In Manaus, I will talk to my masters and analyze my career. Very probably I turn my preparation for Wrestling, but while the other side fights ", said, Ritinha.

Eduardo Inojosa was another who climbed on the podium, after winning the third position by point. Para o World Pro, the athlete made his preparation in California, with Xandy Ribeiro Master. “We come here focused in first place, but I was satisfied with my achievement, because all the athletes here are good. Furthermore, the Brazil, to have many athletes, participates in a qualifying, in order to reach the last four. Logo, I consider very important that done”, said.

The ParaJiu-Jitsu was also proud of. Flavio Leonardo, Purple strip, class 2 (amputated below), that or say. The paratleta won gold in the category and in absolute, after winning a point and finishing, respectively. This was the first major tournament of the hard shell after the accident suffered a year and a half, when a car struck, while he was on a motorcycle.

"When the accident happened I was blue track and after four months, without the left leg, I was returning to fight. Graduated purple belt, I learned to make a game that benefits me, and participate as much of parajiu-jitsu competitions, as others. I was very happy with the result, proud, and impressed with a competition of this level. This achievement will keep for life and am very grateful my Almerio Augusto teachers and Bruno Cunha, of Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu ", said the young 23 years.

The paratleta Alex Taveira charted both in 56kg category and in absolute. Thereby, It was also called to be an ambassador of the sport in Manaus. “The battle here was arduous, but thank God everything went well. It was a happy time for the national team and we leave here making history. I'm sure everyone will be proud of our results”.


Gold - World Pro

up to 69kg – Luiz Medeiros (Alliance) - Blue Adult – AMAZON
up to 62kg – Soares Thalisson (PSLPB Cicero Costha) - Purple Adult – AMAZON
up to 49kg – Rita Reis (Ivo Net BJJ) - Purple Adult – AMAZON
up to 90kg – Heloisa Ferreira (Alliance) - Purple Adult- SAO PAULO
up to 55kg – Brenda Larissa (Alliance) - Adult Blue - AMAZON
up to 69kg- Ítalo Azevedo (PSLPB Cícero Costa) - Purple Adult - AMAZON
up to 62Kg – Gabriel Moraes (Alliance) - Black Master I - AMAZON
Up to 85kg - Gustavo Batista (NS Brotherhood) - Brown Adult - Sao Paulo

Ouro – World Pro – PCDs (Disability / ParaJiu-jitsu)

up to 56kg – Alex Taveira (congenital deficiency) – Black Belt - Category and Absolute – AMAZON
up to 85kg – Flavio Leonardo (amputated) – Purple Belt - Category and Absolute – AMAZON
up to 110kg – Adriano Gomes (cerebral palsy) – Black belt- And Absolute Category - AMAZON
77kg - Ender Rodrigo (disabled lower limbs) - Black Belt - Category - AMAZON

Talk – World Pro

Up to 110kg - Pedro Pimenta (GF Team) – purple Adult- RIO DE JANEIRO
up to 94kg – Anderson Munis (Bean club) - Blue Adult - MARINGÁ
Up to 85kg - André Júlio (AJ Brazilian ju-jitsu) - Black Master - AMAZON
Up to 94kg - Mateus Xavier (Checkmat)- Brown Adult - CHRISTMAS

Bronze – World Pro

up to 94kg – Pedro Elias (NS Brotherhood) - Purple Adult - SAO PAULO
up to 94kg – Eduardo Inojosa (Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu) - Black Master I - AMAZON

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