Odebrecht tuition industry paid $ 10,6 billion from 2006 e 2014

The Federal Public Ministry (MPF), former Director of Operations reported that the funds were handled in offshore accounts abroad (in tax havens).
17/04/2017 11h31 - Updated 17/04/2017 11h31
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The former director of structured finance sector of the Odebrecht Hilberto Mascarenhas said, in winning tipoff, that the area created within the contractor to make payment of fees handled more than R $ 10,6 billion between the years 2006 e 2014. The Federal Public Ministry (MPF), Mascarenhas said resources were moved to offshore accounts abroad (in tax havens).

The former executive said he warned the then president of the company, Marcelo Odebrecht, on the amounts paid in bribes, what, according to him, They were too high.

"I was worried, many people participating in the works, and pressed. I went to Marcelo [Odebrecht], several times, and said: can not afford, US$ 730 million billion is [in real]. Not a market that has availability of cash out and have no way to operate it. It is suicide ", he said. According to him, in response, Marcelo Odebrecht gave direction to "hold".

The former director of the so-called kickbacks sector said each executive responsible for Odebrecht projects could request the ability to do the works walk. According to him, managers of the works received bonuses if reaching the targets set for each project.

"If you take that outcome you win much. [So] you want the world to be over, [but] you want to achieve that goal and put in your pocket, your million [I do not bag]. If it did anything that had to do and achieve ", he said.

according to Mascarenhas, the practice was trivialized. "You have to treat this matter as an extra, a necessity. Not as happy to buy one. I was turning a pleasure to buy [people] and it bothered me ", said, to mention that the amounts paid by the kickback sector fell by 2014 after he pressed Marcelo Odebrecht.

Former director also reported, that to protect the identity of those who received the bribe, responsible for certain work the contractor gave a nickname for the recipient of the money.

Source: Agency Brazil

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