TSE judges on Tuesday (4), Plaque impeachment Dilma-Temer

Even with the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, the process continued and may end with a call for indirect elections.
04/04/2017 10h10 - Updated 5/04/2017 10h51
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The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) You begin to judge the action in which the PSDB asks cancellation of the plate-Dilma Temer, winner of presidential elections 2014. The trial is considered the most important in the history of court. Even with the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, the process continued and may end with a call for indirect elections, chaired by Congress, If the plate is revoked.


11:00 Summary of the trial so far

Early in, Rousseff's lawyer requested extension of the term defense (it was two days). Despite making reservations stating that the trial can be proscratinado, Herman Benjamin rapporteur agree with request. All ministers accompanied him. however, It was not defined if the time would be three or five additional days additional days.

The rapporteur also made a point of order asking for the hearing of the former Minister Guido Mantega. Nicolao Dino, representative of the MP in the process, also asked to be heard João Santana, André Santana and Mônica Moura — who worked on the campaign trail in 2014. The request was accepted by Herman.

Request for presidents of political parties to be heard has been denied. no time, Ministers discuss who will be heard in the proceedings.

10:53 Henrique Neves asks rapporteur decide on hearings
Benjamin Herman, however, says “I would not want to take decisions monocratic”.

10:40 Rapporteur welcomes that Mantega, Santana and Monica participate in hearings as witnesses
Benjamin also hosts request that André Santana, second MP, collaborated in the campaign, be heard. Rapporteur says parties presidents should not be heard because it has already been said in writing. “We have to avoid procrastination”.

10:39 MP's representative asks John and Monica Santana Moura be heard at trial
Nicolao Dino says he agrees with hearsay Guido Mantega and also asks marketers of the election campaign are heard at trial.

Rosa Weber and Luiz Fux also position themselves in favor of the extension of the deadline
All six ministers voted in favor of the extension. The discussion is to be given three or five days.

Ministers discussed whether new deadline will be three or five days
Question is whether these are 3 Additional days to 2 already granted, or 5 additional days for demonstration.

10:14 Gilmar Mendes argues that give a new period of five days
Herman Benjamin vote is to be given a period of more days, since two days were granted. Henrique Neves also advocates a new period of five days.

10:13 Luciana Lóssio accompanies rapporteur
“There is no doubt that we must follow the rite of Aime”.

10:12 Herman Benjamin says that the constitutional decision was set aside
He says that the period of five days is indisputable, but points out that process is being sliced ​​and the constitutional part is being left out.

10:03 Henrique Neves da Silva pronounced regarding the order issue
“With the rapporteur”

09:58 Minister Napoleon Nunes Maia ruling on application deadline
“I follow the vote of the relator”

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