Parintins Airport is reopened for takeoffs and landings during the day

The airfield was only working at night.
26/05/2017 15h29 - Updated 27/05/2017 13h05
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In a press conference held on the morning of Friday (26), the mayor of Parintins, would Garcia, He announced that the airport Júlio Belém received authorization from the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) to operate takeoffs and landings during the day. The airfield was only working at night.

According to the mayor Bi Garcia, the full reopening is the result of the commitment of the municipal administration to comply with all the demands made by ANAC and other organs that regulate civil aviation. "The City had to come with participation and even the assignment of employees to the airport to work as intended", adds.

The mayor stressed that a lot has been improved, but the work has to be continued to keep the airport running without restrictions. "It is an important decision for the city and the people of Parintins so that we can keep the two open council input port, which are the port and airport. We will continue working because it depends on us. We need to keep what it was before, to transform the trash in the open landfill ", Frisian Bi Garcia.

In addition to the transformation of the open trash in landfill, City Hall also performed improvements on track, removal of obstacles in the protection zone, Firefighting truck maintenance, suppression kills the approach zone and transition, maintenance of the operational area and restructuring of the fire section of the airport Júlio Belém.

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