Crisis may influence TSE judgment in the process of plate-Dilma Temer

Political instability will be taken into account at trial, which can lead to cancellation of the plate and the term president of the Republic for abuse of economic and political power.
25/05/2017 08h55 - Updated 25/05/2017 17h13
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Justices of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), heard privately, consider that the governance of President Michel Temer, survey targeted the Supreme Court (STF), It will be taken into account in judging the plate Dilma Rousseff-Temer, marked for 6 June at the electoral court. For them, the political and economic framework will, until then, a scenario about the future of government.

The judgement, which can lead to cancellation of the plate and the term president of the Republic for abuse of economic and political power, It is seen by the parties as a basic framework that will define the permanence or otherwise of the PMDB in Plateau. Backstage, the judges point out that last week the political scene experienced a number of twists. Up until 6 of June, therefore, bet it will be possible to have a clearer picture than the current.

In March, magistrates have said privately that political stability would be taken into account in judging the TSE. Now, the weighing is whether the scenario will be stability or instability.

The expectation was always that the Minister Herman Benjamin, Action rapporteur, voted in favor of impeachment plate, It is accompanied by Rosa Weber. As for the other ministers would consider political stability and tend to save Temer, but the denunciation of JBS launched uncertainty about the trial.

currently, only two votes are seen as possibly favorable to Fear - the Gilmar Mendes and Napoleão Nunes, He has indicated to colleagues who could ask for view (more time for analysis), which would delay the outcome of the case. In this case, the votes of Admar Gonzaga, Tarcisio Vieira and Luiz Fux would be decisive for the outcome of the trial.

Calendar. court members came to entertain the possibility of anticipating the judgment, but received indication Gilmar, presidente do TSE, that the timetable will be kept.

The action that runs on TSE, the revoked President Rousseff and Temer are suspected of abuse of political and economic power in the elections of 2014 to beat disputed presidential. The penalty is mandate revocation and declaration of ineligibility.

The TSE has formed jurisprudence to the effect that the formed sheet is indivisible and, therefore, the revocation would apply to the head of the plate and vice. We last months, However, It was sewn an "engineering" to rid Fear of cassation.

Now, the scenario is not so favorable to the PMDB. Even so, President lawyers demonstrate calm the situation in the electoral court. The assessment is that the political crisis facing the Plateau has not reached the gates of TSE, precisely because ministers await definitions in the political field.

Gilmar came to say publicly earlier this year that ministers "are not from Mars", by pointing out that the policy framework is taken into account by the magistrates of the TSE. The phrase has been repeated by ministers, lawyers and court advisors.

among allies, the plate of Cassation in TSE is seen as "honorable exit" for President. That's because Temer could argue that was overthrown as a result of errors by the Rousseff campaign. Even in the event of cancellation of mandate, Fear would have a more lenient sentence than the PT. The evaluation of the Electoral prosecutors and ministers is that the president could not be ineligible, because there are no indications that knew of irregularities.

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