Lula defense presents new documents to the United Nations about alleged 'abuse’ Judiciary

former President lawyers try to reinforce the thesis that there is a process in the Brazilian courts that does not meet the rule of law; last year, Live accused of not being impartial in the trial.
16/05/2017 10h32 - Updated 16/05/2017 16h46
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The lawyers of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva back to the UN this week to present new data and documents to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations, trying to strengthen the thesis that there is a process in the courts that does not meet the rule of law in Brazil.

The report will be delivered by Geoffrey Robertson, head of the legal team of Lula abroad and, later this week, convene the international press for a news conference in Geneva announced as "the persecution against Lula".

In presenting the event to the press, lawyers point out that the UN "accepted" the petition of former President and now that the legal team will give final answers to the questions asked by the experts, as well as evidence of "new abuses" against Lula for the Brazilian judicial system.

In July 2016, lawyers accused the judge Sergio Moro not being impartial in the trial of former president and point out that Lula's rights are being threatened in Brazil. In October, the UN agreed to review the case and gave up the day 27 January for the government to respond.

The entity, however, It has made it clear that not evaluate the content of the complaint. But only if the UN has the right or not to examine and make its recommendations. According to the entity, the case is confidential and can take two years to be examined.

But, every step of the process, lawyers have become public announcements. An initiative to update the case, Lula's lawyers still delivered at the end of 2016 the UN Human Rights Committee new documents. that letter, lawyers cited even the presentation of prosecutors Lava Jet, with a powerpoint that accuse Lula of being the head of a criminal organization. According to the legal staff of the Brazilian, the new information would indicate that human rights violations against the former president and still he is not the target of a fair trial.

The state found that, Initial documents evaluated, the UN asked for an explanation from the Brazilian government, that was presented. Before the information, the entity returned to question this time Lula's lawyers, which then give the answers now.

In calling the press, the event also explains that Robertson will inform journalists about the "attacks on human rights Lula and exhaust their domestic rights".

The convening of the event, lawyers will still attempt to use to their advantage the Sabbath that the UN held with Brazil two weeks ago. no event, all aspects of human rights in the country were evaluated, including during the government of Dilma Rousseff. According to the presentation of Lula's lawyers event, however, an "urgent work needs to be done to rectify the human rights system and the judicial system in Brazil".

In 2012, when the UN held similar hearings on Brazil, Similar conclusions were drawn about the problems faced by the judicial system and human rights.

By keeping the process alive in Geneva, the legal team would be Lula, in the evaluation of UN experts, reinforcing pressure on the Justice Department and trying to create a kind of "habeas corpus international".

If the UN took a decision not to accept the case, the strength of a pressure would be annulled. On the other hand, be overcome, Lula's lawyers can only rely on a recommendation of the United Nations to the Brazilian state. But without any binding power over the national Justice nor any obligation to be respected.


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