Experts warn of new large-scale cyber attack on Wednesday (17)

After the Friday attack, experts found a new virus attack linked to Wannacry, called Adylkuzz.
17/05/2017 10h44 - Updated 17/05/2017 16h43
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A new cyber attack on a large scale to steal virtual currency affected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world on Wednesday, according cyber security specialists.

After the Friday attack, experts found a new virus attack linked to Wannacry, called Adylkuzz.

"Use more discretion and for different purposes tools piracy recently revealed by NSA and now the vulnerability patched by Microsoft", said researcher Nicolas Godier, cyber security specialist Proofpoint.

"We still do not know the scope, but hundreds of thousands of computers may have been infected ", disse AFP Robert Holmes, da Proofpoint, indicating that the attack is "much higher" than the WannaCry.

Specifically, this 'malware' is installed in equipment accessible through the same Windows vulnerability used by WannaCry, a failure already detected by NSA (US National Security Agency), leaked on the Internet in April.

This malware creates, invisibly, units of a virtual currency called not locatable Monomer, comparable to Bitcoin. Data for use this money are extracted and sent the encrypted addresses.

For users, "Symptoms of the attack include mainly a slower performance of the device", Proofpoint says in a blog.

The company detected some computers that have paid the equivalent of thousands of dollars without the knowledge of its members.

According to Robert Holmes, "They have already happened such attacks, with programs that create cryptographic currency, but never on this scale ".

The WannaCry affected more than 300.000 computers 150 countries, according to Tom Bossert, Homeland Security adviser to the president of the United States, Donald Trump.


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