Government launches Amazon Fila Zero program to improve people's care in health facilities

The program includes other measures to improve the care of the state health network, as the release of R $ 22 million for the late payment of wages workers.
17/05/2017 15h01 - Updated 18/05/2017 10h39
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Zero waiting lists for medical examination, consultations with specialists and elective surgery is the main objective of the Health Emergency Plan, Fila Zero Program, casting by the governor of Amazonas David Almeida, this Wednesday (17), the Government House, west of Manaus. The program includes other measures to improve the care of the state health network, as the release of R $ 22 million for the payment of back wages of contractors workers providing services to the industry and the purchase, already made, R $ 52 million in drugs.

The program's goal is that, up to 90 days, consultations and surgeries that are scheduled to be held. both, the supply of one's own state public health services should be increased, with support from the private network.

"We are following a plan that resources are available for those health facilities, and what we are doing is shifting the focus of management. Regarding surgery, They have already released funds for Francisca Mendes Hospital and the Hospital Adriano Jorge ", said the governor, the stress that will free up more resources for these units. "I lined up with our directors, in addition to the R $ 2 million released to Francisca Mendes and R $ 2 million to Adriano Jorge, They will be invested an additional $ 2 million for each of the two units ", said the governor.

David Almeida said it would Brasilia seeking parliamentary amendments to assist in the actions of the Program, which should reach the capital and the interior, especially the municipalities poles to assist in meeting the demands.

The plan also includes institutional partnerships for the effective integration of the state health network with the municipal and private enterprise. "We will be seeking as private networks. There are devices on the private network that only use 70% capacity and we will pursue this partnership so that those who are waiting can be met, in a conversation and an understanding so that you can meet within the SUS ".

demands – According to a survey done by the Ministry of Health (Sesame), Amazon does not exist 137.482 thousand patients waiting in line for appointments and tests, e 6.966 patients queued for highly complex surgeries. The highest demands of surgeries are for Orthopedics (2.306); Urology (572) and General surgery (506). In the area of ​​consultation, the top three specialties most in demand are Urology General (9.417); general dermatology (5.999) and Physiotherapy (3.699). In the list of exams, are ultrasound exams (42.356); Clinical pathology (12.664); Magnetic resonance (5.352). In Oncology, They are the head and neck surgery (25); Urology (15) and Mastology (6).

David Almeida said that his administration will strive to contract workers of Health to receive their salaries on time. "On Friday we will start to pay employees and we strive for that every month we honor this commitment to make this transfer and make payments of all workers", She explained the governor tomorrow (quinta) should start a schedule of visits to hospitals and health units.

Gov. David Almeida announced that R $ 52 million has been used for the purchase of medicines and in the coming days the Central Drug (th) will supply hospitals and health units. Reduce costs and meet the demands of state health facilities is another goal of Governor David Almeida you want to equip the structure of CEMA to purchase drugs.

"Last year alone, the State Government has invested around R $ 181 millions. we have resources, but we need to optimize them for that large volume of resources can reach the capital and inside hospitals ". If we can centralize and make the Cema is the distributor of drugs, we buy cheaper and able to meet the demands of our health facilities ", governor highlighted.

Inauguration of Dhelphina
Using the structure of all hospitals to clear the line of surgery and continue the process of reform of state health facilities are the measures taken to achieve the purpose of the program. Between them, It is the opening, in 45 days, o Hospital Delphina Aziz, in the north, that has the capacity to 300 beds, and where only the emergency room is in operation.

HUGV e 28 of August
Extending the partnership with the University Hospital Getúlio Vargas (delusion) for absorbing part of the demands of surgery. no Hospital 28 August will be deployed Hemodynamics unit so that it will perform catheterization and angioplasty procedure in the Emergency area.

João Lúcio
Implant MRI apparatus to assist in neurosurgery.

Set up the second accelerated Linear already acquired by the state, to improve the radiotherapy service. Solve an emergency barriers of disease area (biopsy);

Adriano Jorge
Finish the work of the Center for Hemodialysis, the hospital's Adriano Jorge Foundation, intended for chronic renal failure patients. Search in conveniadas frame (specialized private clinics) the spaces required by the program.

Francisca Mendes
Reactivate the MRI machine and put into operation the second unit Hemodynamics Hospital Francisca Mendes.

Continue the Blood Hospital works by attracting more resources to speed up the construction.

My Smile program
It will be implemented the program in order to expand the activities of the State Government in oral health actions. For this, It should be made to integrate 62 municipalities to expand the access of people to a series of dental services. Improve the structures of the Dental Polyclinic and Dental Specialty Center maintained by UEA.

Home remedy
Implement the program in Medicine House to the home remedy of delivery of continuous use in sufficient quantity for a certain period of time for stable chronic patients and clinically controlled and monitoring the units.

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