Recording shows Temer giving approval for the payment of bribes to Eduardo Cunha

The images were made by the owners of JBS and set out in denunciation according awarded the Attorney General's Office
17/05/2017 19h31 - Updated 18/05/2017 10h36
Photo: Antonio Cruz / Brazil Agency

President Michel Temer was recorded by entrepreneurs Joesley and Wesley Batista, owners of the company JBS, giving approval to pay a bribe to silence the former president of the Chamber of Deputies Eduardo Cunha.

The revelation was made in the field of journalist Lauro Jardim, published firsthand by the newspaper O Globo. The material reported by the journalist appears on winning tipoff according to entrepreneurs , owners of the largest animal protein producer in the world, They closed with the Attorney General's Office.

As the report, Temer indicates, in conversation with entrepreneurs, Mr Rodrigo Rocha Loures (PMDB-PR) to solve an issue of J&F (holding que controla a JBS). Then, the deputy is filmed receiving a suitcase with $ R 500 one thousand, sent by Joesley. According to the report, the businessman told Temer who was paying bribes to Eduardo Cunha and Lúcio Funaro operator an allowance in prison to keep quiet. Upon hearing, Temer answers: ” You have to keep this, saw?”.

In his testimony to prosecutors, Joesley said that was not Temer who determined that the allowance was given. But the president was well aware of the illegality. Recording proof the claim.

Among the material delivered by the PGR Joesley, also part of the settlement of a payment of R $ 2 million Aécio Neves. The success, as recordings, It was made on 24 March this year, no hotel Unique, in Sao Paulo. In the conversation, Aécio says the money would be paid to his lawyer who would defend the actions of Lava Jato. The money was handed over to a cousin Aécio Neves, Frederico Pacheco de Medeiros.

The money, according to investigations made by PF, They were not for some lawyer. The bags were transferred to Mendherson Souza Lima, Parliamentary Secretary Senator Zeze Perrella (PMDB-MG).

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