Janot determines dismissal of prosecutor arrested in Operation PF

Angelo Goulart Vilela is accused of trying to disrupt trading whistleblower's award-winning entrepreneur Joesley Batista, da JBS.
18/05/2017 11h14 - Updated 18/05/2017 11h14
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The Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, You sent this morning (18) one message to prosecutors Federal (MPF) in confirming have asked the Minister Edson Fachin, do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), Probation attorney Angelo Goulart Vilela, arrested early on Thursday by the Federal Police (PF). Janot also called preventive detention of the lawyer Willer Tomaz.

"Preventive arrests were ordered by me in order to stop their illicit activities", justified Janot in the message, claiming that the new phase of Operation Lava Jet, triggered this morning, "I have a bitter taste for the MPF”. According to the Attorney General, requests for Vilela and Tomaz prisons are "grounded in robust documentation, collected by controlled action ".

In addition to the prison Vilela, Janot ordered his immediate dismissal assessor function of the Electoral Attorney General by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) and revoked the participation of the prosecutor in the case of Greenfield task force, that clears suspected irregularities in four of the country's largest pension funds.

The Vilela prison was executed by federal agents accompanied by two regional prosecutors. Federal police also seized documents related addresses Vilela - including the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), where Vilela works.

"Criminal liability of the prosecutor and the other suspects hit by operating today will be demonstrated in the course of the proceedings before the competent judgments, guaranteed all constitutional and legal guarantees ", ensures Janot, confirming that Vilela and Tomaz are investigated for attempting to interfere in investigations of Operation Greenfield and hinder collaboration agreement negotiation process of winning Joesley Batista, dono do grupo JBS.

This Wednesday (17), O Globo reported that, in winning tipoff, Joesley Batista recorded a conversation in which the president, Michel Temer, suggests that kept the payment of an "allowance" of former mayor, Eduardo Cunha, and the money changer Lucius Funaro for them to stay silent on suspicion investigated by Operation Lava Jet involving government officials and political base. The Supreme Court has not yet confirmed official information about the alleged tipoff of the entrepreneur, or made public the alleged audio.

Source: Agency Brazil

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