Party Henrique Oliveira and ALE-AM try to prevent election Amazon

The SD of the request to the Supreme Court is to give possession to the deputy Melo, Henrique Oliveira after impeachment of the governor and the ALE or indirect election (when Members define a new governor).
17/05/2017 15h23 - Updated 18/05/2017 10h39
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Party Solidarity (SD), the deputy governor impeached Henrique Oliveira, and the Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas (OF-AM) They entered on Tuesday (16) two injunctions order to try to prevent the holding of the by-election determined by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) after the impeachment of the governor José Melo (Pros), no last day 4 of May.

Henrique Oliveira presented a complaint of breach of fundamental precept, with an injunction, the Supreme Court on Monday, 15, in asking the court to give him possession after Melo clearance. Henry claims that the positions are different and that in the process that stripped the governor there is no hint of his involvement in the irregularities.

according to Oliveira, all allegations, evidence and decisions on eventual universal suffrage were directed exclusively to the governor, nothing having been "even alleged in relation to the vice-governor".

The claim is similar to Henry that supports the defense of President Michel Temer (PMDB) in the process requesting the cancellation of the plate Dilma / Temer in TSE. By analyzing the case of Henry, the Supreme Court must create precedent for the process that will decide on the presidency of the country.

José Melo and Henrique Oliveira were revoked on 4 May the TSE during trial of cassation appeal. Were 5 vote for conviction and 2 for acquittal. on a date, the Electoral Court also ordered the holding of a new election for governor in the Amazon and determined that the president of the ALE-AM, David Almeida (PSD), stay in office until a new election takes place.

The ALE-AM filed an injunction with the TSE to request indirect-election, It is performed by 24 members representing the State Legislature.

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