Fearing says “He never requested payment for silence Cunha”

The president said in a statement that the dialogue there was nothing that could compromise their conduct.
18/05/2017 10h01 - Updated 18/05/2017 16h48
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The Presidency issued a statement on the evening of Wednesday (17) reporting that President Michel Temer “He never asked for payment for the silence of former Deputy Eduardo Cunha”, that is stuck in Curitiba, in Operation Lava Jato.

The note says that President “He did not participate nor authorized any movement in order to avoid accusation or collaboration with Justice by former parliamentarian.”

According to the Presidency, the meeting with the owner of JBS, Joesley Batista, It was in early March, the Palace of Jaburu. “There was no dialogue anything that would compromise the conduct of the President of the Republic”.

The statement also says Temer “advocates broad and deep investigation into all allegations in the press, with the responsibility of any involved in any wrongdoing which may be proven.”

In the early evening, O Globo published report, whereby, in recorded meeting, in audio, by businessman Joesley Batista, Fear would have suggested to keep paying allowance to former Speaker of the House, Eduardo Cunha, and the money changer Lúcio Funaro for these to be silent. Batista, according to report, signed plea bargaining with the prosecution Federal (MPF) and handed recordings on complaints. According to the newspaper, there is no cionfirmação that delaçãodo entrepreneur has been approved by the Supreme Court (STF).

Fear estave met today with the Northeast governors. The meeting ended at 19h50. O presidente, So, He initiated a meeting with the ministers Antonio Imbassahy, Government Secretariat; Eliseu Padilha, Civil House; Moreira Franco, General Secretariat of the Presidency, after the release of the report. Also present advisers of the Secretariat of the Presidency Communication. The note was sent to the Presidential press about an hour and a half after the beginning of the meeting on the third floor of the Plateau, where is the office of Temer.

Around 21h, near 50 protesters gathered in front of the Presidential Palace with horns to protest against President. The military police stepped up security on site.


The sessions of the House of Representatives and the Senate were suspended after the release of the report.

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), He closed the session that reviewed interim measures (MPs) that lock the agenda of the House, without completing the vote of MP 755/16, which deals with the transfer of resources from the National Penitentiary Fund (Funpen) to states and municipalities. Maia said that "there was no mood for continuity of work". He hurried, talking on the phone, and admitted that the allegations are serious.

Following the release of the report, the leader of PSOL, Glauber Braga (RJ), It was the tribune. "You just leave a revelation, the news of a recording where [or president] Michel Temer gives guidelines to keep Eduardo Cunha silent in the prison unit is ", said Braga, and opposition MPs started shouting slogans calling for the departure of Fear.

Congressman Alessandro Molon (Network RJ) said it has filed a request for impeachment of Temer. "The complaints show a behavior incompatible with the role of president, with the decorum of the office. […] There is no other way for President [the House] Rodrigo Maia unless receiving such a request. "

After Mr JHC (PSB-AL) filed a second request for impeachment against President. no document, Congressman says the complaint against Temer reveals “his total lack of minimum conditions to lead the country towards the exit of the greatest economic crisis in its history”.

Members said they will block the votes while the Chairman of the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ), Rodrigo Pacheco (PMDB-MG), not put collegiate deliberation a Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC), authored by Mr Miro Teixeira (NETWORK-RJ), providing for direct elections for the presidency, If President Michel Temer is impeached or resigns from office.

According to the minority leader, José Guimarães (FOR WHAT), opposition parties will work in three directions: the resignation, “which would leave the most peaceful country, with the call for new elections”, impeachment and new elections.

According to the report, another recording of denunciation Batista says the president of the PSDB, Senator Aécio Neves (MG), I would request US $ 2 million to entrepreneur. The money would have been given to a cousin of Aécio. The delivery was recorded on video by the Federal Police. The PF tracked the path of money and found that the amount was deposited in a senator's company Zezé Perrella (PSDB-MG).

O líder do DEM, Ephraim Son (PB), He said the allegations are serious and need to be analyzed calmly. "You have to get, quickly, answers to the Brazilian society ", said. “The investigation of the facts will tell if there was any violation of the Constitution. In setting up any violation of the Constitution, the rite has to be followed as with President Dilma, impediment. "

Other side

in a statement, the advice of Aécio Neves said the senator “It is absolutely quiet for correctness of all his acts. As regards the relationship with Mr. Joesley Batista, it was strictly personal, without any involvement with the public sector. Senator waits have access to all the information to provide all necessary explanations”.

Senator Zezé Perrella posted a message on his Twitter around 22h50 today that says he never talked to Wesley Batista, do not know anyone of Friboi (a hallmark of JBS) and never received, "Official or unofficial", any donations of company. "I am absolutely quiet", said Senator, who added that he expects all of the above in terms of O Globo have the opportunity to clarify their participation. "The secret of my quoted companies, my children are absolutely at the disposal of Justice, where it will be proven that I have nothing to do with it ", said Perrella.

The press office of Congressman Rodrigo Rocha Loures (PMDB-PR) He reported that the deputy is in New York, where he gave a lecture on the Brazilian policy to a group of international investors. Rocha Loures has scheduled return tomorrow. On his return, the deputy should learn and clarify the facts disclosed. According to the newspaper O Globo, the deputy indicated by Temer as interlocutor to solve a problem of JBS. Later, Rocha Loures would have been filmed getting R $ 500 one thousand.

Full text of the President's note

“President Michel Temer never requested payment for the silence of former Deputy Eduardo Cunha. He did not participate nor authorized any movement in order to avoid accusation or collaboration with Justice by former parliamentary.

The meeting with the businessman Joesley Batista took place in early March, the Palace of Jaburu, but there was nothing in the dialogue that would compromise the conduct of the President of the Republic.
President defends broad and deep investigation into all allegations in the press, with the responsibility of any involved in any violations that may be proven.”

Source: Agency Brazil

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