TSE brand 6 June resumption plaque action-trial Dilma Temer

After the vote on 'If José Melo', hardly the TSE will give shelter to the argument that the then Vice President Michel Temer had nothing to do with the Dilma Rousseff campaign, PT.
16/05/2017 15h53 - Updated 17/05/2017 10h49
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The president of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), Gilmar Mendes, scored for 6 June the resumption of the trial of the action in the PSDB asks cancellation of the plate-Dilma Temer, winner of presidential elections 2014. Not release, It was defined four sessions for process analysis, to be held in the following days.

The action was released yesterday (15) for trial by the rapporteur, Minister Herman Benjamin. The release for trial took place after the arrival of the manifestation of the Electoral Prosecutor (MPE) and the closing arguments of the defense of President Michel Temer and former President Dilma Rousseff.

The new opinion, made by the electoral deputy prosecutor, Nicolau Dino, repeats the position sent to the TSE in March, before the interruption of the trial, when the court decided to grant more time to the defenses manifest. According to the prosecutor, beyond the plate impeachment, the court must also consider the former president ineligible for eight years.

After the election results of 2014, the PSDB filed the lawsuit, and the TSE began judging irregularities suspected in transfers to graphical who provided services to the campaign Rousseff and Temer. Recently, Herman Benjamin decided to include in the process the testimony of informers linked to contractor Odebrecht investigated in Operation Lava Jet. The informers reported that made illegal transfers to the presidential campaign.

In December 2014, campaign accounts of then President Dilma Rousseff and his deputy, Michel Temer, They were approved with reservations and unanimously TSE. However, the case was reopened because the PSDB questioned the approval, to understand that there are irregularities in the rendering of accounts submitted by Dilma, It would have received resources from the corruption scheme investigated in Lava Jet. According understanding of TSE, the accounting provision of the president and the vice president is judged together.

The campaign of Dilma Rousseff denies any wrongdoing and maintains that the whole process of hiring companies and distribution of the products was documented and monitored. The defense of President Michel Temer maintains that the election campaign of the PMDB is not related to the suspicious payments. According to lawyers, not aware of any irregularity in the payment of services.

André Richter – Reporter Agency Brazil

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