American tourist is stabbed in attempted robbery in Manaus center

According to the police the crime occurred in the early hours of Tuesday, 16, when the victim would have left the hotel I was staying
18/05/2017 15h06 - Updated 19/05/2017 11h10
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The duo Wandrey Pinheiro da Silva, 22, and Alessandra Marques dos Santos, 21, He was arrested on Thursday, 18, by involvement in the attempted robbery which had the victim the American tourist Curtis Atikisson, 29.

two teenagers, from 15 e 17 years, They were seized for involvement in crime. According to the delegate holder of the 1st DIP, the court order on behalf of Alessandra was issued on the morning of Thursday, by Judge Anagali Marcon Bertazzo, da 6ª Be Criminal.

According to the police the crime occurred in the early hours of Tuesday, 16, around 3:30 am, when the victim would have left the hotel I was staying in the capital center to buy drink, when it was approached by Wandrey. "At the moment the tourist was walking on Getúlio Vargas Avenue he was approached by Wandrey, that came with the excuse to ask for a cigarette. Soon after Alessandra and teenagers came to practice the theft ", He explained the holder of the 1st DIP, Fernanda Antonucc.

The delegate pointed out that even without the victim react, teens, who were armed with knives, They have dealt blows to the tourist, reached the left side of the chest. Soon after the offenders fled the scene carrying cell, R$ 100 in cash and the victim's personal documents. The man was helped by professionals of the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu), triggered by popular witnessed that the criminal action.

Military Police Company of the 24th Interactive Community (IDPF) They were fired and, moments after the crime, They managed to arrest Wandrey, taken to the 1st DIP, which was booked in flagrante for robbery attempted. Around 20:30 that same day, during the steps in search of the others involved in the event, military police spotted Alessandra with two teenagers in suspicious attitude. They were also addressed and taken to the 1st DIP.
"Alessandra and the two teenagers were interrogated. All confessed to involvement in the crime, providing, inclusive, action details. After the testimony adolescents were referred to Deaai”, said the delegate.

Also according to the same holder 1 injured DIP tourists recognized offenders. “The victim is hospitalized in Hospital and Emergency Room 28 August and recognized the offenders as perpetrators of the crime, through photos ", said Antonucci.

In police unit, during consultation with the Integrated Public Safety System (Sisp), it was found that Alessandra had passage for robbery. In the expert it was found that teens were already passing by police. "During testimony found that the teenager 15 years already accounts for theft and minor offender 17 years accounts for two robberies and two thefts. Are dangerous boys, that should be out of circulation. O promoter, analyzing the history and situation, already weighed by admission of the same ", said Elizabeth de Paula.

Wandrey was booked in flagrante for robbery attempted. At the end of the procedures in the 1st Dip, he was referred to Custody Hearing in Henoch Minister Forum da Silva Reis, in the San Francisco neighborhood, South zone of the capital, where the arrest in flagrante was converted to house arrest. Alessandra was already charged with attempted armed robbery. The couple will be sent to the Provisional Detention Center Female (CDPF), which will be available to the Justice.

Teenagers were heard in statement term. They will answer for infraction act analogous to the crime of attempted robbery. At the end of the procedures applicable at the police station, they will be forwarded to the Socio-Educational Center Dagmar Feitosa, where appropriate action will be taken.

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